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Water Heater Energy Guide: What You Need to Know

| Tuesday October 31, 2023
Water Heater Energy Guide:What-You-Need-to-Know-asdaw123

Conventional storage water heaters have long been a worthwhile investment for many Filipino households, streamlining warm water production for various activities. Tank water heaters work by storing a particular amount of water and warming it up with a built-in heating mechanism. These heaters work around the clock to cater to the demands of a property and ensure the stored water is at the required temperature. 


But despite providing a reliable hot water supply, traditional tank heaters consume much energy by constantly working to keep the water warm. This leads to homeowners seeing a significant increase in their electricity bills over time, especially for those who do not insulate their heating units. It can also lead to inefficient energy use as storage heaters continually cycle on and off to maintain a set temperature, even when not used. 


Energy efficiency has become paramount in the water heating industry in recent decades, with numerous manufacturers improving the performance of their products. This is crucial for countless homeowners in the Philippines looking to save money from energy bills without sacrificing warm water demand. 


The Growing Need for Energy-Efficient Water Heaters in the Philippines


One of the significant challenges Filipinos have faced for a long time is the persistent increase in electricity prices, which is already among the highest in Southeast Asia. In fact, the country’s leading electric distribution company, Meralco, increased its rates in September 2023 due to a sustained rise of generation cost by more than 40 centavos per kWh


This is why looking for energy-efficient appliances has been an utmost priority for many homeowners nationwide. In a country where electricity costs can be a problem for countless individuals, switching to highly efficient appliances can immediately reduce energy consumption and their bills. This will enable people to have long-term savings that they can use on other essentials. 


People can look for energy-efficient water heaters in the market in many ways. An electric tankless water heater, for example, is known for being highly efficient since it only operates when water passes through. However, one of the most helpful tools in determining which appliances can provide optimal energy efficiency is energy ratings, which is vital in identifying the best water heaters for the property’s needs. 


Understanding Energy Guides in Water Heaters


Energy guides are informative labels that give consumers the necessary information about the efficiency and performance of a particular water heater. This helps consumers look for a heating unit that will save money with reduced energy consumption and promotes energy efficiency on modern water heaters. 


The energy labels and standards in the Philippines are mainly handled by the Department of Energy (DOE) through their Philippine Energy Labeling Program (PELP) initiative. This became effective in July 2020, with the agency aiming to encourage more and more Filipino consumers to use energy-efficient appliances and technologies by giving them informative labels about the product at points of sale. 


What’s Inside the Energy Label in the Philippines


Despite being a valuable tool for many Filipinos wanting to buy a new water heater, many still disregard energy labels. This might come from misconceptions that energy-efficient heaters are less functional, initial cost concerns as energy-efficient heaters are usually more expensive upfront, or a lack of awareness of the significance of the energy guides. This is why it is more important for homeowners to know what’s inside energy labels to understand how it can help pick a water heater thoroughly. 




One of the prominent features of the Philippine Energy Guide is the star rating, which can easily give consumers an idea of how efficient the heater is. The star rating on the energy label is aligned with the heater’s minimum energy performance (MEP). It also has an indicated numeric energy efficiency rating; the higher the number, the more energy efficient the unit is. It also shows the heater’s monthly energy consumption based on its average daily usage. 


Apart from this, energy rating labels also provide general information about the unit that might help during purchases, including the brand name, product model, and power input. The new energy label in the Philippines also features a QR code that would direct consumers to the heater’s PELP information, which provides detailed product information when scanned. 


Benefits of Purchasing High-Efficiency Water Heaters


  • Lower Energy Bills– As stated, one of the prime advantages of having an energy-efficient water heater is that it can significantly lower electricity bills with reduced energy consumption. Efficient water heaters are built to perform just like non-efficient units, but only using minimal electricity. 


  • Long-Term Savings– With lower energy bills, water heater owners can start saving over time. This is crucial as even a modest reduction in bills can result in significant savings that can be beneficial considering the country’s economy. This can also help families optimize their household budget, enabling them to free up funds for essential needs. 


  • Environmental Considerations– Since energy-efficient water heaters consume less electricity to work, they significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. This promotes a cleaner and sustainable environment, mitigating the possible effects of climate change for countries like the Philippines. 




Learning about how energy guides work can be a game changer for many as energy prices continue to rise due to various factors. They might look like an irrelevant piece of paper posted on the displayed products. However, the information on energy labels can dictate what people might experience when buying a particular unit. 


If you are looking for a top-notch, energy-efficient water heater for your property, you should check out Rheem, one of the best water heater brands in the Philippines. With almost 100 years in the water heating industry, we have constantly focused on innovating and creating more advanced, high-quality water heating solutions to suit our customers’ unique needs. 


You can browse our extensive range of tankless and electric storage water heaters on our website. For any inquiries or more information about our products, you can also talk to one of our representatives at www.rheemphilippines.com/contact



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