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A Guide to Choosing Commercial Water Heaters for Filipino Businesses

| Saturday December 30, 2023
A Guide to ChoosiCommercial-Water-Heaters-for-Filipino-Businesses-adjasda2312

In times of inflation and economic recession, enhancing energy efficiency and cutting down operational expenses have emerged as business priorities. This has led to a need for cutting-edge and sustainable investments like water heating systems. Whether you manage a hotel, laundromat, or restaurant, opting for energy efficient water heaters can substantially impact the comfort of your customers and employees.

In the Philippines, investing in commercial water heaters may not always be on the priority list of many Filipino business owners.

Water Heater Energy Guide: What You Need to Know

| Tuesday October 31, 2023
Water Heater Energy Guide:What-You-Need-to-Know-asdaw123

Conventional storage water heaters have long been a worthwhile investment for many Filipino households, streamlining warm water production for various activities. Tank water heaters work by storing a particular amount of water and warming it up with a built-in heating mechanism. These heaters work around the clock to cater to the demands of a property and ensure the stored water is at the required temperature. 


But despite providing a reliable hot water supply,

Smart Strategies for Conserving Water and Reducing Utility Costs

| Wednesday September 13, 2023

About 71% of Earth is covered by water, with vast connections of oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers supporting diverse ecosystems and impacting many people’s lives. Despite this, only 2.5% of this is freshwater that humans can use for various purposes, such as food production, manufacturing, and sanitation. With human-induced global warming, there’s a chance that this will decrease, which might lead to water scarcity in various parts of the globe,

IPXX: Why You Should Look at IP Ratings When Buying a Water Heater

| Friday September 8, 2023

Investing in water heaters has become essential for many Filipino families in the past decade, allowing them to move on from traditional ways of producing warm water. However, one common mistake homeowners make when shopping for water heaters is only buying based on size or design, often not considering safety components while at it. This can do more harm in the long run, leading to extensive unit damage or incidents that risk one’s life. 


Best Storage Water Heater for a Family of Four

| Wednesday August 9, 2023

Storage water heaters have become essential to countless people’s lives in the Philippines. Despite being bulkier than tankless heating units, storage heaters allow individuals to have a sufficient supply of warm water for various activities. This is especially beneficial for families that need a reliable water heating solution for all their warm water needs. 


While being a beneficial investment for families, choosing an electric storage water heater suitable for your property can be tricky.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Water Heater Size for Your Household

| Wednesday July 19, 2023

The peak demand for warm water in a particular household is one of the most important factors when buying a water heater in the Philippines. Every house has unique daily hot water requirements, especially if residents use the heater for various purposes. This is why people must purchase the right water heater size that can cater to their property’s warm water needs. 


Buying bigger water heating units is not always the best option for many.

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

| Thursday May 4, 2023

As inflation continues to rise in the Philippines, countless individuals are searching for ways to save on bills and expenses. Some are looking within their homes for areas they can optimize, such as looking into their electricity and water consumption and ways to lower their gas or other household bills. On the other hand, many cut down their spending on leisure activities, allowing them to use their money for other necessities.

If you want to reduce your daily household expenses or not spend more than you should,

What to Look Out for When Buying a Water Heater

| Tuesday December 20, 2022

Nothing beats a warm shower to wash off the tiredness of your body after a stressful day at work. There are tremendous benefits to taking hot showers. These include lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle tension, and moisturizing the skin. This is why investing in the best shower heater in the Philippines can be a game changer for many households nowadays.  

bathroom water heater is essential if you want an exhilarating shower and better sleep.

The Best Water Heater for the Christmas Season

| Monday December 5, 2022

For numerous decades, showering using warm water has been popular in many parts of the world. Its health benefits have helped countless people boost their overall wellness, including improved blood circulation and reduced stress. In addition, this allows many individuals to combat the cold, especially those living in the northern and southern extremes of the globe.


But even though warm showers are primarily prevalent in places where cold weather is a way of life,

Multipoint Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

| Thursday September 1, 2022
Multipoint-water-wheater- Rheem-asd123

The demand for a readily available warm water supply has skyrocketed over the years as more people place greater importance on convenience and speed when going about their daily activities. With more advanced water heating technologies introduced in the market, gone are the days of wasting time waiting around for water to boil and heat up on a stove. New water heating appliances allow individuals to enjoy instant hot water as these appliances are now more sophisticated and are built to have more efficient and faster heating cycles. 

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