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Electric Instant Water Heaters

Electric Instant Water Heaters

Electric Tankless Hot Water Heater

If you are looking for a compact water heating appliance, turn to a tankless instant water heater. Unlike a storage water heater, an electric tankless hot water heater does not require large spaces because it does not come with any storage capabilities. Requiring less space would also mean that typically, a tankless water heater is generally easier to install, as compared to storage water heater. This is because, if your bathroom does not have enough space to install a storage water heater, and that it has to be installed outside of the bathroom, you will have to think about installing the correct pipes that will lead the hot water into the bathroom. That is why installation of tankless water heaters are generally simpler and easier to do.

Also, a tankless shower heater helps to save more time by heating water instantaneously, so that you can have a nice, warm shower any time you need, without having to wait for water to be heated up. This is especially useful for those who lead a busy lifestyle. For example, in the unfortunate event you overslept an electric instant water heater is useful if you need to take a quick and hot shower before you rush off to work. Or, if you suddenly had to end work late, an electric tankless instant water heater is ideal in giving you a quick and hot shower as soon as you reach home so that you can go to bed as soon as possible.

Electric instant water heaters can also be further classified into single point water heater or multipoint water heater. Single point water heater only provides hot water for one use, usually for the bathroom, while a multipoint tankless water heater can heat water instantaneously for multiple locations at home.

Whether you are looking for a single point water heater or a multipoint water heater, you can rest assured because Rheem has the best electric tankless water heater to meet your hot water needs.

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