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Warranty Registration

Warranty Registration

Thank you for purchasing Rheem Water Heaters. Your Rheem® product was built to last; however even the best products can be affected by outside factors like air or water conditions, environmental concerns, and/or issues in the manufacturing process. We back our equipment with some of the best warranties in the business. And we’ve made it easy to register your Rheem products so you can receive the full benefits of their warranties.

Warranty Registration

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    Warranty T&C

    Warranty Terms and Conditions

    1. Definition(s)
      1. Party A: known as Rheem Manufacturing Company (Singapore) Pte Ltd (also referred to as “Rheem”).
      2. Party B: Owners and/or purchasers of water heaters sold in Singapore by Rheem or its authorised dealers.
      3. Warranty: Assurance that the water heater is, among other things, (1) free from defective material and workmanship, and (2) meets legal, statutory and/or other specifications. A warranty describes the conditions under, and period during, which the producer or vendor will repair, replace, or otherwise compensate for, the defective item without cost to the buyer or user. It also delineates the rights and obligations of both parties in the event of a claim or dispute.
    1. Terms of the Rheem Warranty and Exclusions to it
      1. Warranty coverage commences from date of purchase.
      2. Original invoice and warranty confirmation email must be produced for verification prior to warranty servicing by Rheem or its authorised representatives. Loss, misplacement, improper writing, inaccurate information or amendments to the warranty form will immediately render this warranty null and void.
      3. The decision of whether to repair or replace a faulty component is at Party A’s sole discretion.
      4. If Party B requires a call out and Party A inspection reveals that the fault is not covered by Party A’swarranty, Party B shall be responsible for paying Party A’s standard call out charges. If Party B wishes to have the relevant component repaired or replaced by Party A, that service will be at Party B’s
      5. Where a failed component or cylinder is replaced under the Party A’s warranty, the balance of the original warranty period will remain effective. The replacement will not carry a new or additional warranty by Party A.
      6. Where the water heater is installed in a position that does not allow safe or ready access, any costs incurred in accessing the water heater, including the cost of additional materials handling and/or safety equipment, shall be Party B’s In other words, the cost of dismantling or removing cupboards, doors or walls and the cost of any special equipment to bring the water heater to floor or ground level or to a serviceable position is not covered by Party A’s warranty.
      7. This warranty only applies to original and genuine water heaters (and replacement parts) manufactured and/or sold by Party A or its authorised dealers, and which are in their original installed location.
      8. Party A’s warranty does not cover faults that are a result of:
        1. Accidental damage to the water heater or any component (including, but not limited to,: (i) Acts of God such as floods, storms, fires, lightning strikes and the like; and (ii) third party acts or omissions).
        2. Misuse or abnormal use of the water heater.
        3. Installation and/or use which is not in accordance with the Owner’s Guide and Installation Instructions or with relevant statutory and local requirements in the State or Territory in which the water heater is installed.
        4. Connection at any time to a water supply that does not comply with the water supply guidelines as outlined in the Owner’s Guide and Installation Instructions.
        5. Repairs, attempts to repair or modifications to the water heater by a person other than Party A or Party A’s authorised technicians.
        6. Faulty plumbing or faulty power supply.
        7. Failure to maintain the water heater in accordance with the Owner’s Guide and Installation Instructions.
        8. Transport damage.
        9. Fair wear and tear.
        10. Cosmetic defects.
      9. Subject to any statutory provisions to the contrary, this warranty excludes any and all claims for damage to furniture, carpet, walls, foundations or any other consequential loss either directly or indirectly due to leakage from the water heater, or due to leakage from fittings and/ or pipe work of metal, plastic or other materials caused by water temperature, workmanship or other modes of failure.
      10. If the water heater is not sized to supply the hot water demand in accordance with the guidelines in Party A’s literature, any resultant fault will not be covered by Party A’s.
    1. Exemptions to Supersedence of Warranty
      1. If a subsequent version of warranty is published, the terms of that warranty will apply to water heaters manufactured after the date specified in that subsequent version.
    1. Entitlement to Make a Claim under this Warranty
      1. To be entitled to make a claim under this warranty, Party B needs to:
        1. Be the owner of the water heater or have written consent of the owner to act on their behalf.
        2. Contact Party A without undue delay after detection of the defect and, in any event, within the applicable warranty period.
      2. Party B is not entitled to make a claim under this warranty if the water heater:
        1. Does not have its original serial numbers or rating labels.
        2. Is installed outside of Singapore
        3. Is not installed by a licensed plumbing company
    1. How to Make a Claim under this Warranty
      1. If Party B wishes to make a claim under this warranty, Party B needs to:
        1. Contact Party A and provide owner’s details, address of the water heater, a contact number and date of installation of the water heater (together with proof of date of purchase).
        2. Party A will arrange for the water heater to be tested and assessed on-site.
        3. If Party A determines that Party B has a valid warranty claim, Party A will repair or replace the water heater in accordance with this warranty.
      2. Any expenses incurred in the making of a claim under this warranty will be borne by Party B.
    1. What Is Covered
      1. For avoidance of doubt, this Warranty applies only to water heaters sold and installed in Singapore.
    2. Consent
      1. By submitting the necessary warranty information to Party A, Party B consents to Party A’s data policies and provides its consent for the collection, use and storage of its data for the purpose of providing the warranty on your purchased product(s).
      2. Please note that the data may be shared with Party A’s business partners for the purposes of servicing the warranty claims.
      3. Party B confirms that all data submitted is accurate, and further acknowledges that any inaccurate data submitted will immediately render any applicable warranty null and void.

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