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Smart Strategies for Conserving Water and Reducing Utility Costs

| Wednesday September 13, 2023

About 71% of Earth is covered by water, with vast connections of oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers supporting diverse ecosystems and impacting many people’s lives. Despite this, only 2.5% of this is freshwater that humans can use for various purposes, such as food production, manufacturing, and sanitation. With human-induced global warming, there’s a chance that this will decrease, which might lead to water scarcity in various parts of the globe, including the Philippines. 


This is why Filipinos must understand the growing need for water conservation in the modern world. This refers to practices needed to mitigate unnecessary water use in residential and commercial properties. Water conservation can not only help ensure water availability for future generations, but it can also assist authorities in lessening water pollution and reducing the energy used to deliver water from one point to another. 


There are several ways people can conserve water in their homes to help battle water scarcity and decrease the amount they need to pay for utility bills. This includes: 


Mindful Water Usage


As water scarcity has become a global issue because of human-caused drought, being mindful of water usage inside and outside the property is essential. This may involve turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or shaving, planting drought-resistant plants in the garden, or even taking shorter showers than usual. 


These practices might seem minimal, but doing so has several positive impacts on one’s water conservation and reduced utility costs efforts. For starters, being mindful of your water usage can lessen the strain on the local water supply, ensuring ample water sources for present and future generations. This can lower your utility bills, positively impacting household expenses. 


Fixing Leaks Quickly


Damaged pipes, plumbing fixtures, or broken or loose hose connections may cause leaks. It can decrease the water pressure and increase your water bills if left unattended. This can also significantly increase unnecessary water consumption, leading to water constantly running even if no one is using it. 


This is why it is essential to regularly check for leaks in water connections inside and outside the property. Identifying potential leaks and fixing them immediately can significantly reduce water loss, which can help save people from unnecessary expenses because of leaked water.


Rainwater Harvesting


The practice of rainwater harvesting has been used by many families for many years, allowing them to have a sustainable water supply for various activities. In a country where typhoons and monsoons bring rain most of the year, Filipinos can use this to reduce their reliance on traditional water sources. 


By collecting rainwater, people can build a sustainable water supply system that will allow them to decrease the strain on the local water supply. This is important as rainwater can be used for various activities, such as watering plants and washing vehicles. Using rainwater for these activities can significantly help conservation efforts and greatly reduce water bills. 


Investing in Efficient Tankless Water Heaters


There is no wonder that taking long, warm showers can be one of the most soothing experiences anyone can have in their lifetime. However, investing in a cost-effective tankless water heater is the best solution if you want to conserve water while showering. Tankless instant heaters are energy efficient as they only work when the faucet it is connected to is running. 


In addition, tankless heating units are also designed to significantly reduce water wastage as it only warms water on demand. This eliminates the need to run water to achieve the desired temperature, as is often required with tank-based systems. The unit’s capability to heat only water when needed also eliminated water wastage due to heat loss, significantly reducing water and energy consumption. 




As the world continues its battle against water scarcity, implementing various water conservation techniques can be invaluable for many Filipino families. By properly conserving water in multiple ways, people can help preserve the local water supply while also supporting household expenses by lowering utility costs. 


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