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Electric Storage Tank

Electric Storage Tank

Electric Storage Water Heater

When compared to tankless water heaters, a typical electric storage water heater is usually larger in size, mainly because storage water heaters always come with a hot water tank. This usually means that installation of electric storage water heaters is usually trickier. This is because apart from ensuring that you have ample space for installation, in the event your storage water heaters are installed outside of your bathroom, the water pipes are installed correctly. Moreover, an electric storage water heater typically takes a longer time to heat water up because of the amount of water in the hot water tank.

Sounds like electric water heater has many disadvantages? Well, that is not quite true. Electric storage water heaters come with good water pressure. If you are looking to install a rain shower in your bathroom, a tankless water heater may not produce enough water pressure to push the heated water to the top of the rain shower, unless it comes with an in-built pump. On the other hand, electric storage water heaters do not require pumps to push heated water to the top of the rain shower. Moreover, a single hot water tank can provide hot water to multiple points at your home or businesses. Hence, installation needs to be done only once. Therefore, if you are looking for a premium shower experience with a rain shower, you should seriously consider Rheem’s range of electric storage water heaters.

Rheem’s range of electric storage water heater are built with premium quality to ensure both durability and safety. For durability, we take extra care to ensure that the inner hot water tank do not succumb to corrosion. This is achieved through enamel-coated inner tanks, as well as a self-sacrificing anode rod. For heating element, we use high-quality incoloy heating element that provides speedy heat transfer without compromising on durability. For safety, our storage water heater comes with a built-in pressure relief valve to ensure that pressure within the inner tank is not excessive. Through auto-cut off, we ensure that water is not overheated to prevent scalding.

For a quality storage water heater that provides a quality shower experience, turn to Rheem today!

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