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Factors to Consider When Looking at Water Heater IP Ratings

| Sunday December 31, 2023

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings have been a vital part of modern appliances, helping ensure that the internal components are protected from various elements. This code represents the ability of the unit’s casing to protect the device from the entry of solid and liquid particles that can damage the appliance. Since its inception, IP ratings have become crucial to promoting safety in modern devices. 


IP codes are usually represented by two numbers in the “IPXY”

The Benefits of Investing in Enamel-Coated Water Heaters

| Thursday November 30, 2023

With warm water consumption becoming an integral part of many people’s lives in the Philippines, investing in reliable and long-lasting water heaters has become paramount for many. A unit’s material build is one of the top considerations when choosing new heaters, especially with its significant impact on the heater’s performance and longevity. 


Considering the materials used to build an electric storage water heater provides several benefits that can make the heater a worthwhile investment.

The Pros and Cons of Warm Showers: Day vs. Night

| Tuesday October 31, 2023

Nothing beats jumping into a relaxing warm bath or shower after a long and tiring day, especially for a busy corporate professional living in the Philippines. From the excruciating heat to the traffic and long lines when commuting, going, and leaving work, getting home fast and washing away all the stress of the day is a dream for many. And so, having time to relax with a hot bath after long work hours is something numerous individuals look forward to.

A Guide to Buying Water Heaters as a Christmas Gift

| Monday October 30, 2023

For a long time, the Christmas season in the Philippines has been a great display of the people’s generosity. Countless individuals go out of their way to purchase different gifts they can give to friends and family members during particular family gatherings or corporate parties. It has been a vital part of Christmas celebrations in the country, with many planning for it even months in advance. 


While many things can be given as a gift,

A Step-by-Step Approach to Choosing Your Next Water Heater

| Monday October 2, 2023

Water heaters have significantly changed warm water production, giving home and business owners in the Philippines an efficient tool to provide an instant supply of hot water. But despite its importance to many properties in the country, water heating units are just appliances. They will eventually reach a point where they need to be replaced, whether because of old age or irreparable damage.


And it might look like an easy task for many,

Smart Strategies for Conserving Water and Reducing Utility Costs

| Wednesday September 13, 2023

About 71% of Earth is covered by water, with vast connections of oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers supporting diverse ecosystems and impacting many people’s lives. Despite this, only 2.5% of this is freshwater that humans can use for various purposes, such as food production, manufacturing, and sanitation. With human-induced global warming, there’s a chance that this will decrease, which might lead to water scarcity in various parts of the globe,

Best Storage Water Heater for a Family of Four

| Wednesday August 9, 2023

Storage water heaters have become essential to countless people’s lives in the Philippines. Despite being bulkier than tankless heating units, storage heaters allow individuals to have a sufficient supply of warm water for various activities. This is especially beneficial for families that need a reliable water heating solution for all their warm water needs. 


While being a beneficial investment for families, choosing an electric storage water heater suitable for your property can be tricky.

The Best Water Heater for Areas with Warm Climate

| Monday June 19, 2023

Hot water is a necessity in any home. Even people living in areas with a warm climate encounter unbearably cold water in the early morning. So, whether for more comfortable morning showers or other important tasks, having the best water heater is a worthwhile investment for people in warmer places nowadays. 

Some water heating options work better in warm climates. A heavy-duty storage heater is a great option to alleviate the struggle of freezing water temperatures in different house areas.

The Risks of Keeping Clutter Near Your Water Heater

| Thursday June 15, 2023
The-Risks-of-Keeping-Clutter-Near-Your-Water-Heater -awdhsad22132

With people’s lives becoming more fast-paced in recent years, investing in appliances that automate many daily tasks has become the norm. This promotes convenience for countless individuals, allowing them to allot more time to other essential activities. And one of the leading appliances many households invest in nowadays is water heaters, giving people an on-demand supply of warm water.


Almost every household has a water heater installed on their premise,

Benefits of Warm Showers for Athletes

| Thursday April 20, 2023

Competitive and recreational sports are integral to countless people’s lives worldwide. Through this, many individuals can improve their physical health, build endurance, and maintain a healthy weight. In addition, playing different sports promotes mental health benefits since it can be an outlet for athletes and everyday people to blow off steam. 


However, playing any sport is often exhausting and strenuous, especially during highly competitive sessions or tournaments.

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