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Smart Strategies for Conserving Water and Reducing Utility Costs

| Wednesday September 13, 2023

About 71% of Earth is covered by water, with vast connections of oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers supporting diverse ecosystems and impacting many people’s lives. Despite this, only 2.5% of this is freshwater that humans can use for various purposes, such as food production, manufacturing, and sanitation. With human-induced global warming, there’s a chance that this will decrease, which might lead to water scarcity in various parts of the globe,

IPXX: Why You Should Look at IP Ratings When Buying a Water Heater

| Friday September 8, 2023

Investing in water heaters has become essential for many Filipino families in the past decade, allowing them to move on from traditional ways of producing warm water. However, one common mistake homeowners make when shopping for water heaters is only buying based on size or design, often not considering safety components while at it. This can do more harm in the long run, leading to extensive unit damage or incidents that risk one’s life. 


Best Storage Water Heater for a Family of Four

| Wednesday August 9, 2023

Storage water heaters have become essential to countless people’s lives in the Philippines. Despite being bulkier than tankless heating units, storage heaters allow individuals to have a sufficient supply of warm water for various activities. This is especially beneficial for families that need a reliable water heating solution for all their warm water needs. 


While being a beneficial investment for families, choosing an electric storage water heater suitable for your property can be tricky.

Best Water Heater for Busy Families

| Tuesday August 8, 2023

After a day of hard work, we all deserve some diversion from the hustle and bustle. As busy families navigate their daily routines, having a reliable and efficient water heater is essential for ensuring a steady supply of hot water. One significant benefit of investing in a reliable water heating solution, is its ability to help busy families save time on not having to waste time waiting for water to heat up for their showers,

The Importance of Choosing the Right Water Heater Size for Your Household

| Wednesday July 19, 2023

The peak demand for warm water in a particular household is one of the most important factors when buying a water heater in the Philippines. Every house has unique daily hot water requirements, especially if residents use the heater for various purposes. This is why people must purchase the right water heater size that can cater to their property’s warm water needs. 


Buying bigger water heating units is not always the best option for many.

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