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Factors to Consider When Looking at Water Heater IP Ratings

| Sunday December 31, 2023

Ingress Protection (IP) ratings have been a vital part of modern appliances, helping ensure that the internal components are protected from various elements. This code represents the ability of the unit’s casing to protect the device from the entry of solid and liquid particles that can damage the appliance. Since its inception, IP ratings have become crucial to promoting safety in modern devices. 


IP codes are usually represented by two numbers in the “IPXY”

A Guide to Choosing Commercial Water Heaters for Filipino Businesses

| Saturday December 30, 2023
A Guide to ChoosiCommercial-Water-Heaters-for-Filipino-Businesses-adjasda2312

In times of inflation and economic recession, enhancing energy efficiency and cutting down operational expenses have emerged as business priorities. This has led to a need for cutting-edge and sustainable investments like water heating systems. Whether you manage a hotel, laundromat, or restaurant, opting for energy efficient water heaters can substantially impact the comfort of your customers and employees.

In the Philippines, investing in commercial water heaters may not always be on the priority list of many Filipino business owners.

The Benefits of Investing in Enamel-Coated Water Heaters

| Thursday November 30, 2023

With warm water consumption becoming an integral part of many people’s lives in the Philippines, investing in reliable and long-lasting water heaters has become paramount for many. A unit’s material build is one of the top considerations when choosing new heaters, especially with its significant impact on the heater’s performance and longevity. 


Considering the materials used to build an electric storage water heater provides several benefits that can make the heater a worthwhile investment.

The Pros and Cons of Warm Showers: Day vs. Night

| Tuesday October 31, 2023

Nothing beats jumping into a relaxing warm bath or shower after a long and tiring day, especially for a busy corporate professional living in the Philippines. From the excruciating heat to the traffic and long lines when commuting, going, and leaving work, getting home fast and washing away all the stress of the day is a dream for many. And so, having time to relax with a hot bath after long work hours is something numerous individuals look forward to.

Water Heater Energy Guide: What You Need to Know

| Tuesday October 31, 2023
Water Heater Energy Guide:What-You-Need-to-Know-asdaw123

Conventional storage water heaters have long been a worthwhile investment for many Filipino households, streamlining warm water production for various activities. Tank water heaters work by storing a particular amount of water and warming it up with a built-in heating mechanism. These heaters work around the clock to cater to the demands of a property and ensure the stored water is at the required temperature. 


But despite providing a reliable hot water supply,

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