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Best Storage Water Heater for a Family of Four

| Wednesday August 9, 2023

Storage water heaters have become essential to countless people’s lives in the Philippines. Despite being bulkier than tankless heating units, storage heaters allow individuals to have a sufficient supply of warm water for various activities. This is especially beneficial for families that need a reliable water heating solution for all their warm water needs. 


While being a beneficial investment for families, choosing an electric storage water heater suitable for your property can be tricky. Many things need to be considered, including the household size. The number of people residing in the house should be able to tell the heater capacity required to meet the demands of the property. Buying a much smaller heater can result in insufficient supply and increased work rate to the unit while investing in larger heaters can lead to energy inefficiency and temperature fluctuations. 


How to Choose for a Family of Four


With an average size of 4 people per household, families in the Philippines must pick a water heater to provide an adequate supply for everyone. This is crucial as some families do not only use a water heater for bathroom activities. Purchasing a water heater with the right capacity can help ensure that residents have enough warm water they can use when needed. And to achieve this, several factors must be considered when shopping for a new water heater. 


For starters, checking a heater’s storage capacity is one of the most crucial things to look at when buying traditional heaters. This mainly refers to the amount of warm water a heating unit can store when unused. It is vital to consider a heater’s capacity as simultaneous use of warm water for different activities is highly plausible, especially for a family of four. When choosing a water heater, a rule of thumb is to allot 10L of warm water per person per shower. This means families of four would need a unit with at least 30L capacity. 


It is also crucial to choose an energy-efficient heater, allowing the family to have a cost-effective solution for their warm water needs. An inefficient heater will use excessive energy to keep the stored water at the desired temperature, which can later on increase expenditures. An energy-efficient heater can provide a reliable supply of heated water without spending too much energy, allowing families to save on utility bills and use the money on other essential things. 


Moreover, it is also crucial to look at the size of the heater you’re about to buy. A heater’s size affects its storage capacity, as larger heaters can store more water. Considering the size is also essential in assessing the available space in the house. This is crucial for families of four, where space for various activities is paramount. Picking a storage heater with the right size makes it easier to integrate into the infrastructure. 


Considering these things can be a game changer for families looking for the best water heating solution. They will be able to have a reliable supply of warm water even during simultaneous use, reduce utility bills, and have enough space to install the heater.


The Best Rheem Storage Heaters for Families of Four


Now that you have an idea about some things you must consider when purchasing a water heater, it is time to learn the best options offered by one of the best heater manufacturers in the market, Rheem Philippines. For decades, Rheem has provided countless households with reliable storage heaters that can ensure optimal supply for families of four. This includes: 



This innovative storage water heater is built for families that want a water heater tank that won’t take up too much space in the property. The RCY-30 model has a 30L capacity and only comes at 445 x 445 x 383mm, making it a perfect fit for families working with limited space, such as condominium spaces. This makes the RCY-30 unit an ideal solution for families of four that only uses warm water during a shower. 


It also has a magnesium anode rod that prolongs the unit’s lifespan by protecting the internal components from rusting. In addition, the RCY-30 model is designed with high-density insulation which minimizes heat loss, ensuring optimal energy efficiency. It also has an IPX4 ingress protection rating, which means it is well-protected from water splashes, especially if placed inside the bathroom. 



For those looking for storage heaters with bigger capacity, you can never go wrong with the 86H-40 model from Rheem’s 86H Storage Heater series. This has a 40L warm water storage capacity that can adequately meet the demand for heated water within the family. Its approximate heat-up time of around 30 minutes to reach 60°C ensures that it won’t take too long for the heater to replenish the hot water supply. 


The tank is coated with enamel that protects the tank from corrosion, preventing possible leaks and water damage over time. Furthermore, the 86H-40 storage heater is equipped with an adjustable thermostat with over-temperature protection that helps avoid scalding warm water, especially for families with children. 



Another classic choice that families of four can go for is the 65SVP10S model from the 85VP-65SVP series. It has a 38L capacity, which is enough for families that only use warm water when showering. It also has an anode rod that attracts sediment from the water and helps protect the tank to prolong its lifespan. It also has a thermal cut out feature that keeps the stored water from getting too warm to avoid injuries in the family. 




Knowing how to pick the perfect unit becomes more crucial as Filipino families continue to see the importance of storage water heaters in their everyday lives. This can help them ensure that they will invest in a product that can meet the heated water demand in the household. And by choosing the products offered by Rheem, people will invest in innovative and energy-efficient water heating solutions that can meet every family member’s needs.


So, if you are looking for the best residential storage water heaters in the market, why not choose Rheem? With almost 100 years in the water heating industry, we have constantly focused on innovating and creating more advanced, high-quality water heating solutions to suit our customers’ unique needs. 


You can browse our extensive range of electric storage water heaters on our website. For any inquiries or more information about our products, you can also talk to one of our representatives at www.rheemphilippines.com/contact


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