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Why Rheem Water Heaters are Designed to Automatically Stop Heating

| Monday July 6, 2020

Yes, you read that right: Rheem Water Heaters are engineered with an automatic heating cutoff system. It may be a strange concept to grasp; why would a water heater designed for heating, stop heating automatically? Does it mean that the hot water supply gets interrupted when you’re in the midst of a shower, and you’re only left with undesirable cold water? That certainly doesn’t sound right.

Hold on before you cast any negative judgement on us, and give us a minute to explain ourselves.

Automatic Heating Cut-off to Prevent Overheating

Here at Rheem, we rank safety rather highly on our list of priorities. While your comfort and shower experience are essential, we want to make sure our water heating products do not cause you any form of discomfort.

You’d like to wash the day off with a long-awaited shower, but sometimes things don’t go your way. There could be unexpected weak water pressure, freezing ice-cold water, a sudden bout of unusually hot water, or in worst case scenario, a malfunction in your water heater, which causes it to heat continuously, resulting in extremely hot water which may cause scalding.

How Does Rheem Water Heaters Stop Heating Automatically

During a shower, being surprised by a rush of burning, hot water should not happen. In all of our products, we pre-programmed them with a safety device, which is essentially an adjustable thermostat that automatically and safely cuts off the power when it reaches beyond the preset temperature.

With this auto cut-off feature, it’ll protect you and your family against scalding hot water in the showers and serves as an additional layer of protection in case of a product malfunction.

So, there you have it: Rheem, experts in water heating, makes sure you have a comfortable and quality shower experience, without having to compromise on safety. To find out more about Rheem’s products, click here.


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