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Why Does it Seem Like Water Temperature Changes When I’m Showering?

| Thursday September 23, 2021
Why does it seem like water temperature changes when i'm showering banner

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are enjoying a warm shower, feeling all relaxed and cozy, when all of a sudden, the water temperature fluctuates, becoming extremely hot and unbearable? At the same time, the water pressure dips significantly, and water is barely flowing out of your showerhead. It gets really annoying because you can do nothing about it, especially so when you are in the middle of your shower. This is especially common if you are using a single-point tankless electric water heater.

Have you ever wondered why does this happen? Well, let us find out more.

Well, broadly speaking, there could be several reasons for this. One of the primary reasons could be because you are using an inferior quality electric water heater that does not work effectively. In this article, we have shared some fundamental reasons why it does seem like water temperature changes when you are showering. Let us have a look!

Reasons for Water Temperature Changing During Shower

Broadly speaking, the main reason why this happened is because there is another water source at home that is being used simultaneously. It could be another family member taking a shower concurrently in another bathroom. Or, the washing machine is being used at the same time, or that the basin is being used by your family member for washing food before dinner. Whatever it is, the main reason of this happening is that there is another water source that is being used at home. 

When any of the above scenario happens, the water pressure will dip. When water pressure dips, the temperature of the outgoing water from your single-point electric water heater will go up. This will then ruin your shower experience.

Surely, this cannot be the fate that you will need to live with for the rest of your life? Fret not, for Rheem has an easy solution for you.

A hand holding temperature knob of water heater

Change Your Electric Water Heater

To find the best solution for avoiding water temperature changes during a shower, you should consider changing your low-quality electric water heater and replacing it with a new one. Allow us this opportunity to explain more to you

Static Vs. Dynamic Electric Water Heater

Static heating is the most common heating method found in most electric instant water heaters. In simple terms, static heating means that regardless of the incoming flow rate or temperature, water is heated at the same speed and intensity. Hence, the setting function of the tankless water heater is for you to inform the instant water heater how many degrees do you wish to add to the outgoing. This means that with static heating, the water heater will increase the temperature of water by a fixed degree no matter how much water enters or what the incoming water temperature is.

Most tankless water heaters in the market use static heating because it is easier and more cost-effective to produce.

On the other hand, high-quality tankless water heaters use dynamic heating. Unlike static heating, the temperature settings on the tankless water heater unit is not to inform the tankless water heater to increase the temperature of the water by a certain number of degrees, but rather, to inform the instant water heater that you would like the temperature of the outgoing water to be at a certain degree. In other words, if you set your desired temperature at 38°C, the water heater unit will automatically sense the flow rate and temperature of the incoming water and determine and automatically adjust the heating intensity to ensure you can enjoy the shower at 38°C. 

A good example of this would the Rheem’s RTEC-06 MultiPoint Electric Instant Water Heater. With the RTEC-06 MultiPoint Electric Instant Water Heater, you never have to worry about temperature fluctuations whenever you are showering. Apart from having dynamic heating, this electric water heater is able to provide hot water to multiple sources at home. This means that you do not need to install individual water heater units in every bathroom.

A brochure showing the main features of RTEC Multipoint Instant Water Heater

To learn more about Rheem’s RTEC-06 MultiPoint Electric Instant Water Heater, click here: https://www.rheemphilippines.com/product/RTEC-06-multipoint-instant-water-heater

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