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What’s Great about a Replaceable Heating Element

| Sunday June 28, 2020

A key fixture in the bathroom is a water heater, which is integral in helping us relax by providing us with a warm and comfortable shower. Chances are, you probably have an instant water heater in your bathroom. While it gets the job done by providing you with heated water for your warm shower, you want something as long-lasting as possible. The durability of an instant water heater is, more often than not, determined by the components that are used within the instant water heater. Therefore, apart from efficiency, appearance and price point, you should also consider the components when getting an instant water heater. And one of the components that are often overlooked is the heating element.

What’s a Heating Element?

You see your instant water heater on the wall of your bathroom every day, but do you know how it works? In case you don’t, let us take this opportunity to explain to you how:

1. Water flows into the instant water heater through the inlet.

2. The water passes through the heating chamber (where the heating element is) and heats the water.

3. Heated water flows out through the outlet.

When electrical current passes through the heating element, it glows red hot and converts the electrical energy passing through it into heat, similar to how oven heating elements work.

Heating elements are usually either nickel-based or iron-based. Depending on different manufacturers, different brands use different types of heating elements. Here at Rheem, our Prestige range of instant water heaters use Incoloy heating element—a superalloy or high-performance composite with outstanding durability and high heat resistance. This power-material, composed of nickel, iron and chromium, is equally excellent at resisting oxidation and corrosion. The last, and the best thing about it? The heating element of this range of instant water heaters is easily changeable.

What’s So Great About a Replaceable Heating Element?

Imagine the nuisance (and the money) of having to change out an entire water heater just because a teeny-tiny part of it is damaged. As mentioned above, Incoloy is highly durable. This means you can rest assured knowing that Rheem’s Prestige range of instant water heaters is built to function for many, many years to come. However, in the unfortunate event when the heating element malfunctions or get played out, you can simply change out the heating element, without having to go through the trouble of shopping for and installing a brand-new instant water heater.

 Keep in mind, though, always engage a trained/certified plumber to do the job for you. Replacing a defective heating element on a water heater is not complex science, but we don’t recommend doing it on your own as you might spoil the other parts of the water heater or you might even get an electric shock. For safety purposes, we recommend engaging a trained/certified plumber or electrician to do the job for you. After all, they are the experts who have the technical know-how and know their way around the wires. 

So, there you have it—Rheem prestige range of water heaters: durable, with added durability.


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