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The Risks of Keeping Clutter Near Your Water Heater

| Thursday June 15, 2023
The-Risks-of-Keeping-Clutter-Near-Your-Water-Heater -awdhsad22132

With people’s lives becoming more fast-paced in recent years, investing in appliances that automate many daily tasks has become the norm. This promotes convenience for countless individuals, allowing them to allot more time to other essential activities. And one of the leading appliances many households invest in nowadays is water heaters, giving people an on-demand supply of warm water.


Almost every household has a water heater installed on their premise, however, not many homeowners take the time to ensure that their water heating units are operating safely. While water heaters are manufactured to abide strict safety regulations and standards, it is still imperative that homeowners are aware of how to properly maintain their water heating unit. Many tend to underestimate the potential hazards of a water heating unit.


On top of maintaining your water heating appliance, another way to minimize any issues with your appliance is by reducing the clutter near the water heater. Most people who invest in an electric storage water heater install them in the basement where many household items or junk is stored. Many people use their heater’s surroundings to keep boxes of documents, food, and other necessities, resulting in significant safety risks that can lead to unfortunate accidents.


1.    Fire Hazards


Since most people install their water heaters in the basement, there is no wonder that combustible materials surround many water heating units. Water heating units radiate heat to their surroundings and can cause the clutter to ignite and spread rapidly. This might lead to an uncontrollable fire situation or even result in the water heater exploding.


Some examples of highly flammable materials that homeowners tend to store near their water heaters are products made with wood, paper, or plastic. These goods can easily catch fire, especially since the radiant heat from the water heater can increase room temperature, which might cause ignition.


2.    Reduced Efficiency


water heater tank constantly works to keep the stored water warm at the proper temperature. However, the unit might need to work harder than usual to function with clutter around. Many water heating units rely on ventilation to perform well, and keeping various things near the water heater will restrict airflow. This can lead to incomplete combustion, making the unit work harder and significantly increasing energy bills.


3.    Corrosion


Another risk of keeping clutter near a water heater is that it can trap moisture that can corrode the unit when left unchecked. Trapped moisture can create a damp environment around the heater, promoting the oxidation of the metal components of the unit. And when this is mixed with dust and dirt, it can cause heavy damage to the heater.


Storing many things around the water heater can block ventilation that can increase humidity levels. This will make it hard for the moisture to dissipate and will accelerate the corrosion process. The clutter can also make it hard for the moisture to dry appropriately, resulting in water accumulation around the unit.


4.    Accessibility Issues


Similar to many other appliances, water heaters require regular maintenance to ensure that it is working as expected. But with just many things stored around the heater, it will be much harder for maintenance people to access it and do the necessary inspections. The restricted space will hinder them from efficiently reaching valves and pipes that must be checked. Due to limited space for hose placement or a blocked drain valve, it will also be harder to do certain functions, like draining the tank.




As one of the most essential appliances in the Philippines, it is crucial that homeowners know how to keep their water heaters risk-free. This includes ensuring there are no unnecessary things stored around the heater. Not giving the water heater enough space can bring adverse effects, such as potential fire and unit damage. Keeping the surroundings clutter-free promotes water heater safety and expands its lifespan.


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