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Single Point vs. Multipoint Water Heaters: Which to Choose?

| Monday September 19, 2022

When homeowners look for new water heaters for their properties, there are many different factors to consider. This includes the ability to provide sufficient hot water to the household, whether the water heater can deliver hot water to multiple points, and the overall lifespan of the water. These are just some factors for homeowners to consider when shopping around for the perfect water heater for their household. 


While there may not be many different types of water heaters in the market, there are many other functions and capabilities that different water heaters provide. For instance, storage water heaters are known for storing large amounts of hot water and delivering the heated water to multiple points. Instant water heaters, on the other hand, are known for bringing convenience to users, and their space-saving build also makes them easier to install in bathrooms. Solar-powered water heaters are known for their long-term money and energy-saving capabilities. 


As the demand for a readily available supply of warm water increases, the preference for having more innovative and advanced water heating solutions has also increased significantly. Rheem is an industry leader in the water heating market, and is committed to bringing customers better, more reliable, and advanced water heating appliances that guarantee efficiency, functionality, and durability. As one of the leading water heater brands, Rheem carries a wide range of water heating solutions – such as storage water heaters, instant water heaters, and solar water heaters. This diverse range of water heating solutions caters to each customer’s different and unique needs for both commercial and residential projects. 


While storage water heaters and solar water heaters are popular choices, the tankless water heater is one of the most famous types of heaters available on the market. Also known as an instant water heater, this heater is considered a game changer for many residential and commercial properties. Industry experts foresee that the market value of instant water heaters will reach at least $2, 6948.2 million by 2027.


Unlike traditional storage water heaters, which take up more space in the house and can only deliver a specific amount of heated water, instant water heaters can provide an on-demand supply of warm water. In addition, instant water heaters are considered more durable than storage water heaters as they do not store any water in an insulated tank, eliminating the possibility of corrosion after a few years of use. 


While warm water is commonly used for showers and baths, heated water is also beneficial for many other activities and uses around the house, such as dishwashing and laundry. Because of the need for warm water at multiple water points around the house, many decide to invest in either single-end or multipoint instant water heaters, especially if there is limited space available in the home. This is because instant water heaters are much more compact and space-saving than the storage water heater and can provide instant heating whenever needed. 


But what exactly is the difference between single point and multipoint instant water heaters? 


In short, single point instant water heaters can only deliver hot water to a single location, such as a specific showerhead or faucet. On the other hand, a multipoint instant water heater can provide hot water to more than one location. 


So, suppose you are already shopping around in the market for an instant water heater but are torn about whether to purchase a single point or multipoint tankless heating unit. In that case, it would be beneficial to better understand the different advantages of single point and multipoint instant water heaters and which water heating appliance would be more suitable for the household. Below are some things to know before purchasing a tankless water heater for your residential or commercial property. 


Single Point Instant Water Heaters


Due to its compact size and ability to provide an instantaneous and consistent flow of heated water, more individuals are investing in a single point water heating unit to make them a kitchen or bathroom water heater. Many Filipinos invest in single point water heaters as most only need water heaters for their bathrooms, not other household uses. 


One of the prime advantages of investing in single point instant water heaters is their smaller build, allowing homeowners to easily install these appliances inside kitchen cabinets or on a single bathroom wall. A more compact water heating appliance is crucial as most houses in the Philippines have limited space. The instant water heater’s comparatively small size compared to storage water heating units makes it more convenient to install. Single point water heaters are more straightforward than traditional water heaters, where pipes and false ceilings can affect how the appliance will be installed and impact the ease of maintenance of the appliance after installation. 


Most importantly, a single point water heater can deliver a non-stop flow of warm water to one specific tap, faucet, or shower head on the property. Whether at the bathroom shower or kitchen sink, occupants will be assured that a consistent supply of heated water is available when they need it. This would also enable people to save more time as purchasing this instant water heater can eliminate the time required to warm water using stoves or electric kettles. And single point water heaters can still deliver a consistent supply of heated water even if water flow is not that great in the area where a house or establishment is located. 


But since single point heaters can only deliver warm water to a single location or tap in the house, it should be noted that all other faucets on the property will not have a supply of heated water from the instant water heater. This means that anyone who needs warm water must either manually heat the water on stoves or kettles, get the amount required on the faucet where the single point heater is installed or install multiple single point instant water heaters around their property. 

Multipoint Instant Water Heaters


Like single point water heating units, multipoint instant water heaters also instantaneously heat the passing water when the tap is used and deliver hot water to that specific location. The benefits individuals can reap from multipoint water heaters are mostly the same as what single point instant heating units offer, especially since both are tankless and functions similarly. Most multipoint instant water heaters also feature a space-saving build and can provide a consistent supply of warm water when needed at any time of the day. The multipoint water heater acts as a centralized heating appliance that delivers warm water to the faucet after a few seconds.


However, while single point and multipoint water heaters operate similarly, the most significant difference between the two appliances is that the multipoint water heater can deliver heated water to multiple water points or locations across a property. This is ideal for those who use warm water for different activities as it allows instant access to heated water, regardless of the amount or wherever it is required. For example, if an individual wants to do their laundry and simultaneously take a warm shower, a multipoint instant water heater will allow you to do it without any issues. 


However, while this water heating appliance provides more convenience, one of the disadvantages of investing in multipoint instant water heaters is that an area’s water flow can significantly affect the water heater’s performance. For example, if the stream of water is weak, the water heating unit might not be able to provide for the demand for warm water if multiple taps are used concurrently. In addition, like single point heaters and if not powered by gas, multipoint heaters do not work during electric outages, which is crucial in places where brownouts are a regular occurrence, especially during typhoon season. 



Which Type of Instant Water to Choose? 


Now that you know the differences between single point and multipoint instant water heaters, it is time to decide what type of tankless heater you would put your money on. Although both appliances can provide instant access to warm water when needed, the two types have different functionalities and can give various kinds of experiences to consumers. 


Suppose you have difficulty choosing between a single point instant water heater and a multipoint instant water heater. In that case, the main factor to consider is the purpose you would like the instant water heater to serve. As mentioned above, each instant water heater type has different functionality, and you should get the one that would cater to your warm water needs the best. 


For example, installing a multipoint water heater is recommended if you are looking to use warm water for different daily tasks within a house or if you own a commercial establishment with high demand for warm water. If not, a single point water heater can sufficiently satisfy your needs if you only use warm water for a specific task, such as showering or dishwashing. 


Whether you purchase a single point or multipoint instant water heater, buying a water heating unit from a trusted and established producer of water heaters can be a game changer for you moving forward. At Rheem, we are committed to bringing our customers quality, advanced, and innovative tankless water heaters that you can rely on for many years. Our range of residential instant water heaters is guaranteed to bring you the best hot shower experience and cater to all your hot water needs. 


Our Prestige® Instant Water Heater Series is cutting-edge technology in the single point water heater market. This helps ensure consumers get the best bathroom heater that can efficiently provide warm water when showering, blend in, improve the bathroom’s aesthetics, and can last a long time. 


Rheem also has an innovative and reliable multipoint water heater that can satisfy all your warm water needs. The RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is compact-sized and has a multi-positional function, allowing you to install the water heater upwards or downwards, depending on what works best for your space. So, why not choose Rheem if you are looking for a reliable and established water heating brand to get your new water heater?


With almost 100 years in the water heating industry, Rheem has constantly put focus on innovating and creating more advanced, high-quality, and intuitive water heating solutions to suit our customer’s unique needs. With Rheem, you can enjoy reliability, durability, and functionality.


Browse our extensive range of water heaters and learn more about the types of water heaters Rheem Philippines has available on our website. For any inquiries or more information about our products, you can also talk to one of our representatives by clicking here.

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