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Multipoint Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

| Thursday September 1, 2022
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The demand for a readily available warm water supply has skyrocketed over the years as more people place greater importance on convenience and speed when going about their daily activities. With more advanced water heating technologies introduced in the market, gone are the days of wasting time waiting around for water to boil and heat up on a stove. New water heating appliances allow individuals to enjoy instant hot water as these appliances are now more sophisticated and are built to have more efficient and faster heating cycles. 

Aside from greater convenience, individuals are also interested in reaping the various health benefits of drinking and showering in hot water. Studies have shown warm water can help decongest, break down fat deposits and relax muscles. Taking warm showers can also bring about significant health benefits. For example, studies have shown that hot showers can improve an individual’s health as warm water and steam helps relax muscles and provides relief from colds and respiratory issues.

While warm water is widely associated with showers and baths, there are many other uses for warm water around the house for various household tasks. For example, heated water is also ideal for dishwashing for multiple reasons. For starters, warm water quickly removes grime and grease from dirty dishes, saving individuals time from excessively scrubbing down their kitchenware – less scrubbing will also help better preserve kitchenware as the coating would not get scratched off. Using warm water to soak dishes, utensils, and other kitchen appliances can also help effectively kill bacteria and other microorganisms that can result in health complications if left uncleaned. 

Warm water is also beneficial in killing bacteria and germs stuck on dirty clothes or bedsheets, blankets, and other cloth materials. Using hot water to do laundry is recommended to protect against any possible disease-causing germs on clothes, bedsheets, or other frequently used washable items and fabrics. In addition to killing bacteria and germs, hot water also helps speed up the chemical reaction of the detergent, making the washing process more efficient. 

As mentioned above, warm water brings about many benefits and conveniences. However, one main challenge when individuals or homeowners want to use warm water is heating the water itself. Manually heating the water using a stove or an electric kettle can waste significant time, electricity, and effort, especially if a large quantity of warm water is required. 

To help combat this issue, it is recommended to invest in a proper water heating solution, such as multipoint instant water heaters, as it allows users to access an instantaneous warm water supply anytime easily and at multiple water points of the house.  


Investing in Multipoint Instant Water Heaters

Unlike a single-point water heater, a multipoint instant water heater can deliver a consistent supply of warm water to multiple water points in a house. This eliminates the need to purchase several single-point water heaters to cater to the hot water demand at different water points in the house. This significantly increases the cost savings, convenience, and accessibility to hot water throughout the household. 

Multipoint instant water heating units are also compact-sized, allowing homeowners to save more space than investing and installing storage water heaters. This is an ideal water heating solution for those working with limited space on their property, as multipoint instant water heaters do not take up as much space as storage water heaters, but can still provide a sufficient warm water supply to multiple points on the property. 

How Does a Multipoint Instant Water Heater Work? 

A multipoint instant water heating unit works like a single-point instant water heater. When an individual turns a faucet on, the heating element in the water heating appliance will quickly heat the water passing through the heat exchanger. Warm water will then be delivered to the tap or shower where it is needed. This makes multipoint instant water heaters perfect for those who want a warm water supply at any time of the day.

Advantages of Using Multipoint Instant Water Heaters

Like other water heater types in the market, there are many advantages that consumers can enjoy when they invest in multipoint instant water heaters. Some of the main advantages are listed below:

  • Space Saving and Compact-sized Build

One of the most prominent benefits of investing in multipoint instant water heaters is their significantly smaller and compact-sized build, which allows homeowners to save more space on their properties. Despite being much smaller than traditional storage water heaters, multipoint instant water heaters can still efficiently deliver warm water to homeowners whenever and wherever needed. 

Multipoint instant water heating units can be installed in kitchen cabinets, bathroom basins, laundry rooms, and shower stall walls. This gives homeowners more flexibility in terms of installation and the ability to use the extra space saved for other essential items. Compared to traditional storage water heaters, multipoint instant water heaters look sleekier and more aesthetic. Its more inconspicuous design would not stick out like a sore thumb and drive away attention from the overall aesthetic or vibe of the house. 


  • More Energy-efficient 

Unlike storage water heating units that constantly operate to keep the water stored in their tank warm, multipoint instant water heaters only run when the faucet is turned on. Multipoint instant water heaters do not use energy when it is not in use – for example, if a tap or shower is not turned on, the water heating appliance is not operating or consuming electricity. Thus, the multipoint instant water heating unit is more energy efficient as compared to storage water heaters.

On top of saving money from lower energy consumption, investing in multipoint instant water heaters will eliminate the need to pay for multiple single-point instant water heaters to be installed for every water point of the household. Purchasing a single-point heater for each water point in the house will not only add to the upfront costs but will also lead to higher energy bills when multiple faucets are used at once regularly.


  • Less Maintenance Work

Since multipoint instant water heaters do not store water in insulated tanks, they are less vulnerable to corrosion, which is usually caused by standing water. If the water heating appliance is not used very heavily, the multipoint instant water heaters would not require having very regular maintenance work done on the appliance. 

However, regardless of the usage of the water heating appliance, it is still important to note that routine maintenance and inspections should be scheduled to ensure that the water heating unit is working efficiently and optimally. It is recommended to have your water heating units inspected and serviced at least once a year. If you live in an area with hard water or if you are someone who sets the temperature of your water heating unit high, it would be recommended to inspect and service your water heating unit at least twice a year.


  • On-demand Warm Water Supply

Multipoint instant water heaters provide warm water to multiple water points in a house on demand. Since storage water heaters can only heat and warm the stored water in their tank, they will eventually run out of heated water to provide. This is especially so if there is a need for a consistent flow of warm water and if the tank’s capacity is insufficient to cater to the demand. On the other hand, for multipoint instant water heaters, consumers are guaranteed a constant supply of heated water whenever needed.

Most instant water heaters are also equipped with a temperature accuracy or consistent temperature feature, which ensures that the water coming out from the shower head stays at the temperature set on the instant water heater. Individuals can enjoy a steady flow of hot water for their showers at their preferred temperature without experiencing drastic increases or decreases in the shower temperature with instant water heaters.  


Rheem’s RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater

As one of the leading producers of water heaters around the globe, Rheem is committed to delivering innovative solutions to suit all warm water needs. Rheem’s RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is a reliable, durable, and sophisticated water heating solution that can guarantee you comfort, safety, and peace of mind when taking hot showers.

The RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is made of quality materials that ensure the water heating appliance is long-lasting, durable, and safe for everyday use. In addition, the RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is small and compact, with its dimensions of only 198mm x 160mm x 98mm and weight of 1.5kg, the installation of this water heating unit is much more convenient and flexible. 

Another great feature of the RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is its multi-positional function. This means that the RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater can be installed upwards or upside down, whichever suits the household’s water inlet and outlet points better. 



                                                   Left shows upward installation, right shows upside-down installation

The RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater also has an IP25 protection rating, making it safe against objects greater than 12mm and low-pressure water jets from any direction. A splash-proof outer casing is essential if the water heater is installed near the shower, where there is a constant flow of running water, as it provides more protection for the inner components of the water heater. 

The RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is also equipped with a stainless-steel heating chamber that helps the water heating unit resist corrosion. This help to ensure that the water heating unit is more durable and able to operate efficiently for many years. In addition, the RTEC-06 Instant Water Heater also has ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) Leak Protection that helps protect the unit against shock.



Many are looking for the best bathroom heater, and one thing prioritized during their search is having a product that can provide an on-demand warm water supply to multiple taps and showers in their household. Investing in multipoint instant water heaters can be a game changer for many households as it allows owners to connect the appliance to multiple faucets for an instant supply of heated water. Rheem’s RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is one of the leading multipoint instant water heaters in the market due to its compact size, durability, and ability to provide households with a continuous flow of warm water.

With Rheem’s multipoint water heating solution, you are guaranteed the best hot water experience. With almost 100 years in the water heating industry, Rheem has constantly focused on innovating and creating more advanced, high-quality and intuitive water heating solutions to suit our customer’s unique needs. With Rheem, you can enjoy reliability, durability, and functionality.

Browse our extensive range of water heaters and learn more about the types of water heaters Rheem Philippines has available on our website. For any inquiries or more information about our products, you can also talk to one of our representatives by clicking here.

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