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What Is a MultiPoint Water Heater? The Ultimate Guide.

| Tuesday June 22, 2021

Are you tired of buying multiple single point water heaters for every water point in your home? Not only do they cost more, but you would also need to put in the effort to coordinate the installation processes for them! It’s quite troublesome, isn’t it? Well, there is a solution to all! Want to know what it is? It’s a Multipoint Water Heater

You may be wondering what kind of water heater is that? Well, in this article, let’s find out more, shall we?

What Is a MultiPoint Water Heater?

To explain it in simple words, a Multipoint Water Heater is a compact-sized water heater that can provide hot water to multiple points at home. A multipoint water heater usually comes without a tank, so you will not have much trouble installing it even if you have little space available at home. 

How Does a MultiPoint Water Heater Works?

Let’s talk about the mechanics, shall we? As we have already mentioned above that it is tankless, you might be wondering about how it works. Well, let’s dig in!

Because it is tankless, heating occurs instantaneously. As soon as you turn on the faucet, water passes through the heating chamber of the multipoint water heater, where heating is done. The heated water then flows out of your tap. 

Why Should You Choose a MultiPoint Water Heater?

If you are considering a water heater shower for your place, this may be a good opportunity for you to consider one that is able to provide hot water not only for your shower, but also for other points at your place. Let us convince you with straight up facts:

  • A Space Saver

Here is an undeniable fact: Water heaters take up space. Especially so, if they are storage water heaters. This is because storage water heaters come with a storage tank, which is very bulky in nature. This simply means that it can become difficult to find a suitable space to place them, especially so if your apartment is not spacious to begin with. 

Alternatively, you can choose to install a single point water heater at home, which is usually tankless and compact in nature. However, as the name suggests: it can only provide hot water to a single point at home. But, what if you desire to have hot water at multiple points at home? Having multiple installations of single point water heaters at multiple points at home can slowly take up a lot of space. This is where a multipoint water heater comes in.

With a multipoint water heater, you only need to devote a small space in your home. This is because a multipoint water heater does not have a tank, which allows it to take much less space as compared to storage water heaters. You can have it installed under your sink, and it would be out of sight quickly. This small device is perfect for your needs.

  • Install it with Ease in Moments

As it takes less space, it also makes it easy to install and in a place where you want it to be. And again, if it came with a tank, it will take a lot of time to install, but it does not. Good news for you!

  • Say Goodbye to the Long Wait

One of the down sides of having a storage water heater installed is the long wait time that comes with it. This type of water heater shower kills all the fun of showering because you will have to wait for water to get heated up. Imagine coming home after a long day at work to find out that the hot water has been used up and now you will have to wait water to be heated up just for a hot shower. Now, would it ruin your mood? 

Well, luckily, a multipoint water heater eliminates this problem. Because it is tankless in nature, heating occurs instantaneously, which means you don’t have to sacrifice your precious time waiting for water to be heated up!

  • Unlimited Supply of Hot Water

A woman having a hot shower in the bathroom

Suppose if you are using a storage tank as your water heater shower. And suppose if you had three or four family members who took back-to-back warm showers before you. There is a possibility that all of a sudden, the storage tank may run out of hot water. 

With a tankless multipoint water heater, you do not have to experience that! In fact, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of water without any fear of it running out of hot water when you need it. This is because water is being heated instantaneously, whenever you need it. Hence, you need not be afraid of running out of hot water!

  • Enjoy Hot Water at Multiple Points at Home

Multipoint Water Heater is a compact-sized water heater that can provide hot water to multiple points at home. 

Another complexity that comes when you install a single point water heater is that you will have to install several of them at various location at home if you wish to enjoy hot water at several points at home. Such a project costs a lot, and it is definitely a huge headache trying to manage multiple installation processes.

To solve this problem, consider the multipoint water heater. This one investment goes a long way, because at a fraction of the price of multiple single point water heaters, coupled with space saving, you now have the freedom to enjoy hot water at multiple points in your home. 

Choose a MultiPoint Water Heater for a Unique Experience

Now that you understand how a multipoint water heater works, and the benefits it brings, what are you waiting for? Just imagine the comfort and savings that you can enjoy with just a single purchase and installation. It will surely be an excellent decision for your home! 

To find out more about Rheem’s RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater or to purchase your very own multipoint water heater, simply visit: https://www.rheemphilippines.com/product/RTEC-06-multipoint-instant-water-heater

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