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How Hot Showers May be Good for Your Health?

| Thursday September 23, 2021
How hot showers may be good for your health banner

We’re sure that by now, you may have heard for too many times that a warm and hot shower can make you feel relaxed and comfortable, especially after a long day out. However, beyond unwinding from work, did you know that hot showers can bring you a host of health benefits? And, in case you’re wondering how much does it cost to take a hot shower? Well, fret not, because an electric water heater price is not astronomical, so most people should be able to afford one.

But before you head off to the hardware store to get yourself a water heater shower, please stay on a while and finish reading this article first. Once you are done read thing, you will be even more convinced to get yourself an electric water heater now? Are you ready? Let’s go!


1. Lowers the Sugar Levels

Taking a hot shower can help to reduce your sugar levels. A study conducted by Dr. Steve Faulkner has proved that hot showers can help to minimize blood sugar levels and burn calories. After each hot shower, scientists measured blood sugar levels in 14 men over a 24-hour period. This study showed that a simple warm shower can help to minimize blood sugar levels and burn some calories. 

2. Get Rid of Respiratory Issues

If you are having a flu or your nose is blocked, try taking a hot shower! This is because hot showers are good home remedies to helping you to clear your block nasal passageway. In fact, there are countless scientific literatures which shared that just by standing in steam from a hot shower has been proven to open up the airways, loosen phlegm and clear out nasal passages.

An illustration of human lung

3. Improves the Sleep Circle

Before going to bed, most people take a warm shower. The majority of them, however, are not familiar with this practice’s benefits. Here is a bit more information that we would like to share with you. 

The benefits of taking a hot shower before bed include increasing blood flow from our hearts to our hands and feet, which can lead to better sleep. As a result, our hands and feet will become warmer, allowing our bodies to produce more heat and thereby loosen and relax our muscles. Ultimately, this will result in a soothing effect on both our mind and body, which will help us to improve the quality of our sleep.

A man sleeping on bed

Which Water Heater to Choose?

Now that you’ve learnt about some of the health benefits of a hot shower, let’s read on to find out how to choose the right type of water heater for your home so that you can enjoy a warm shower every day. 

Here in the Philippines, most household go for an electric tankless water heater. This is because its compact shape and design mean that it does not take up much space at home. Moreover, because it is tankless in nature, you never have to worry about waiting for water to be heated up before you step into the bathroom for a warm shower. Lastly, because water is heated instantaneously, whenever you need it, you never have to worry about running out of hot water.

Need recommendations on which electric water heater to go for? Well, Rheem recommends the Prestige Platinum Electric Instant Water Heater.

A brochure showing a continues hot water feature from a water heater

What Makes It Amazing?

The Prestige Platinum Electric Instant Water Heater is designed to be elegant looking and durable. This is because it comes with a stainless-steel heating chamber, as well as an incoloy heating element. Both these materials are tested to be highly durable, providing you with years of worry-free warm showers. Plus, since both the stainless-steel heating chamber and Incoloy heating element can be replaced in the unlikely event of a component malfunction, you are only required to replace those components instead of the entire unit, which saves you money and time.

Wondering what this electric water heater price will be? Well, as this is a premium product, it may cost a little more than other electric instant water heaters. However, know that what you pay for is what you will get: and in this case, the premium price tag comes with a premium shower experience, as well as durability and long-lasting performance.

To find out more about Rheem’s Prestige Platinum Electric Instant Water Heaters, click here: https://www.rheemphilippines.com/product/prestige-platinum-instant-shower 

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