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Debunking the Common Myths About Tankless Water Heaters

| Monday February 20, 2023

tankless instant water heater heats water on demand, eliminating the need for a bulky storage tank. This saves not only space but also energy consumption. While these heaters may have a higher price tag, they can offer greater efficiency compared to traditional storage water heaters. Furthermore, with instant water heaters seeing constant upgrades and improvements, these heaters are increasingly being regarded as the ultimate water heating solution for many homeowners. By investing in a tankless instant water heater, you will never have to worry about running out of hot water again. You can enjoy the benefits of on-demand hot water with energy-efficient and high-quality performance. 

Purchasing an instant water heater for your home is an excellent choice, especially if your bathroom has space constraints. There are many benefits that tankless instant water heaters can provide, such as convenience and cost savings, which is why this water heating solution is becoming increasingly popular among many homeowners. However, some misconceptions and myths surround tankless water heaters, which deters some from wanting to install an instant water heater in their homes. 

Here are some common myths about tankless water heaters and why these myths are far from the truth. 

Tankless Water Heaters are Very Expensive 

People often think tankless water heaters cost significantly more than traditional ones. But this idea is mainly based on how much the initial unit cost of the instant water heater is rather than how much it costs to operate the water heater in the long run. Instant water heaters may cost more upfront than storage water heaters with a tank, but they have many benefits that can make up for this cost over time.

One of the best things about having a tankless water heater is that they are energy efficient. Instant water heating units use less energy than storage heaters because they only heat water when needed. In contrast, traditional tank water heaters need to heat and keep a supply of hot water going all the time. Because of this, they are often kept on for more extended periods. When comparing the long-term costs of instant water heaters and storage water heaters, instant water heaters can save you much more money on your energy bills.

Tankless water heaters also tend to last longer than traditional tank water heaters, which means you can save money by not having to replace your unit as often. Investing in a tankless water heater for your home can help keep more money in the long run, making it an innovative and cost-effective choice for your household. 

Tankless Water Heaters Overheat the Water 

Some assume that tankless water heaters tend to overheat the water passing through their system due to their smaller size. Additionally, since it can heat the water so fast, it may come out of the shower unit at a scalding hot temperature.

Tankless water heaters can heat water on demand as water runs through the unit. But this efficiency does not result in overheating of the water that comes out of the appliance. Instead, the system is designed to heat the water to the desired temperature that users want. Tankless water heaters also have a safety feature called recirculation that lowers the water temperature at the tap to ensure that scalding or overheating does not occur. . 

Tankless water heaters also come with inbuilt safety features, such as a temperature control mechanism that regulates the water temperature and prevents it from being excessively hot. They work to get the water to a pleasant and safe temperature, often between 120-140°F. 


All Tankless Water Heaters are the Same 

Many believe that all tankless water heaters are the same, which is far from the truth. While there may be similarities between models and brands, not all tankless water heaters are made the same. 

There are a variety of electric and gas-powered instant water heaters available, each with different features depending on price. Some of these types include electric and gas-powered tankless water heaters that differ from each other as electric tankless water heater holds fewer water demands for homes. Gas-powered ones have greater power than electric tankless water heaters, but they may need to be more efficient because of size, location, and configuration.

Additionally, there may be differences in the inner components of the tankless water heaters. For example, the heating chamber and heating element material and parts can also drastically affect the appliance’s overall performance, durability, and reliability. 

Therefore, before purchasing a tankless water heater, you must consider your household’s unique requirements and the models that would serve you best.

It’s also worth noting that tankless water heaters have higher energy demands and necessitate vents with a greater diameter than those found in some residences.

Tankless Heaters Have a Shorter Lifespan 

Another misconception people have about tankless water heaters is thinking that these heaters last less time than conventional ones. Some may think this way because tankless heaters are pretty new technology. As such, they may have a misconception that these appliances may not be as reliable and sturdy as traditional storage water heating solutions. 

Another reason for this misconception is that instant heaters are typically more expensive than conventional ones, despite higher prices. When properly maintained, a tankless water heater can serve its owner for two decades or more with regular cleaning. 

Tankless heaters are often built with long-lasting materials and modern technology that allows the appliance to perform efficiently and reliably. On top of this, a heat exchanger is usually outfitted in the water heating appliance to prevent water from reaching the heating components during production. This prevents the device from corroding and helps extend its lifespan. Thus, in terms of the average lifespan, a tankless water heater can last as long, if not longer, than a traditional tank water heater..


Tankless Water Heaters Don’t Provide Enough Hot Water

Another misconception is that a tankless water heater can’t supply enough warm water for multiple showers in a row. Just like the other misconceptions on this list, this is also false. Tankless water heaters, in contrast to their storage-tank counterparts, heat water as needed as it is heated as it passes through the unit.

Tankless water heaters have a lower flow rate than conventional water heaters with storage tanks, leading many to believe they don’t produce enough hot water. However, this does not imply that they cannot provide adequate hot water to a residence.

The recovery time for tankless water heaters is much less than that of storage-tank heaters. Consequently, they will have considerably less time to wait for the water to boil. Hot water is always available despite the reduced flow rate since the recovery rate is substantially higher.

Despite the lower flow rate, tankless water heaters can still meet a typical household’s hot water needs. Tankless water heaters offer a faster recovery rate than conventional water heaters, but many still believe they need more hot water.


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