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10 Things You Should Know About Commercial Water Heaters

| Wednesday March 31, 2021
Rheem is a reliable commercial water heater company in Philippines

Most people do not know much about commercial water heaters. After all, most people use hot water on a residential basis. And this is perfectly fine. If you are one of them, you might be clueless about what commercial water heaters are all about. But not to worry, because we have created a post for you. This post highlights 10 interesting facts that you may not know about commercial water heaters. Through this article, you can learn more about how commercial water heaters may differ from residential water heaters, and how commercial water heaters can add value to your business.

For starters, you may be wondering what commercial water heaters are. Well, a commercial water heater is a type of heater that aims to heat water for business use. These usually means that water tends to be heated in large volume, or that heating rate must be quick so that there will not be any disruption to the business. More often than not, businesses such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, shopping malls and offices spaces tend to have a need for commercial water heaters.

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1. Commercial Water Heaters are Not Confined to just Water Tanks

When people think of commercial water heaters, they tend to think of large storage tanks. While that is true, commercial water heaters also come in many forms. Did you know that there are commercial tankless water heaters, just like residential tankless water heaters? Did you also know that commercial water heaters do not only come in the form of electric heaters; there are many ways to heat water.

2. Commercial Water Heaters take a lot of Energy

The first interesting fact about commercial water heaters is that they consume a lot of energy. This is understandably so, considering that the amount of hot water required to run a business will, more often than not, be a lot more than what a typical household will require.

Even in a residential setting, a sizeable portion of your energy bill tend to come from water heaters.

“Do you know about 25 per cent of the energy you consume at your property is due to using a water heater to heat water?”

Yes, it is right! That explains why heating water requires energy, and by extension, commercial water heaters tend to consume more energy. It is also no wonder why businesses tend to opt for a high-efficiency water heater, where possible, in order to save on energy expenditures.  

3. Water Heaters Must be Replaced

Most people forget about their water heaters once they are installed on their property. They believe that the water heaters will last forever, but it is an entirely mistaken view; commercial hot water heaters, like most products in the market, are not everlasting. In fact, they should be replaced every other decade. This same concept applies to both residential and commercial water heaters.

When it comes to commercial water heaters, commercial tank water heaters usually last for about 10 years. However, this average lifespan also depends on various factors, but one way to ensure that your water heaters continue to operate with minimal disruption is to go for reliable commercial water heating services in Philippines. On top of that, do remember to plan for replacement of water heaters before they break down and cause disruption to your business.

4. The Different Types of Water Heaters

You will be surprised to know that there are several different types of commercial water heaters. The first type of water heater is powered by electricity, and is one of the more common type of electric water heaters. Commercial electric water heaters tend to be a tad pricey when it comes to monthly energy bills.

An alternative to commercial electric water heaters will be commercial gas water heaters. Depending on location, some places tend to have lower gas price, so that means the monthly operating cost for commercial gas water heaters may be more affordable. However, the upfront and installation cost may be slightly higher too.

The next type of commercial water heaters is one that is powered by natural resources. There are two common types of environmentally friendly commercial water heaters, namely solar water heaters, as well as heat pump water heaters, which we will elaborate more below. While the upfront and installation costs tend to be higher, these environmentally friendly commercial water heaters can help you to save on your monthly utility cost.

Rheem provides solar water heaters in Philippines

5. Solar-Powered Water Heaters

Just like solar-powered generators, there are solar-powered water heaters as well. These type of water heaters use sunlight to heat the water. With solar panels installed on the rooftop, energy can be absorbed from sunlight, and used to heat water, which is then stored in a storage water tank.

The best thing about solar water heaters is that beyond doing our part for the environment, it also helps to reduce utility costs. They also require less maintenance as compared to other types of heaters. So, if you want a hot water heater while staying within your budget, the solar water heater is the best choice. To learn more about solar water heaters, click here.

6. Heat Pump Water Heaters

Most commercial properties have a variety of commercial installations to help with their daily operations. Some installations may produce by-products such as hot air. By utilizing such by-products, heat pump water heaters can help to turn these natural resources into energy to heat water up. Doing so can help your business to reduce its carbon footprint, while saving on monthly utility bills. To learn more about heat pump water heaters, click here.

7. Water Heaters can Explode

There is a common myth about commercial storage or tank water heaters that they can explode. Although the explosion of commercial storage water heaters is rare, it can still happen. To prevent the explosion of water heaters, you need to follow some simple steps. If you are using a gas water heater, check for smell of leaking gas around the water heater from time to time. If you are using a storage or tank water heater, remember to remove excessive pressure using the pressure relief valve. Another way to minimize accidents is to frequently regulate the temperature of your storage or tank water heaters so that they do not overheat.

8. Varying Prices of Water Heater Installation

The installation cost of water heaters may vary depending on the type of water heaters, along with several other factors. For example, installing a gas water heater may require ensuring gas pipes to be available. Another example would be the installation of solar panels for solar water heaters.

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9. Water Heaters need to be maintained

Apart from replacing your commercial water heaters every 10 years, they need to be regularly maintained as well. Most people believe that if there are no prominent issues with the water heaters, they are working well, and there is no need to maintain them. But the fact is, if you want to make your water heaters run properly, you need to maintain them from time to time by using trusted commercial water heater services.

Maintenance of hot water heaters, no matter if they are residential or commercial, is very important. Why? Because without proper maintenance, they may end up costing you thousands of dollars, not just in repair costs, but also loss in revenue due to disruptions in operations. Lastly, failure to regularly maintain your commercial water heaters may result in shortening their overall lifespan.

10. Other Names of Water Heaters

Another interesting fact is there are many other names of water heaters that may vary from country to country. For example, in North America, they are known as on-demand hot water heaters or tankless hot water heaters. People call them Calfones in Argentina and multipoint geysers in the United Kingdom. In New Zealand and Australia, water heaters are known as instantaneous hot water units.

That’s it!

So, these are some interesting facts that you should know about a commercial water heater so you can make informed decisions. To find out more about the best water heaters in Philippines, which are produced by Rheem, click here.

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