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A Guide to Choosing Commercial Water Heaters for Filipino Businesses

| Saturday December 30, 2023
A Guide to ChoosiCommercial-Water-Heaters-for-Filipino-Businesses-adjasda2312

In times of inflation and economic recession, enhancing energy efficiency and cutting down operational expenses have emerged as business priorities. This has led to a need for cutting-edge and sustainable investments like water heating systems. Whether you manage a hotel, laundromat, or restaurant, opting for energy efficient water heaters can substantially impact the comfort of your customers and employees.

In the Philippines, investing in commercial water heaters may not always be on the priority list of many Filipino business owners. They focus more on their major operations and sometimes overlook the minor ones. After all, there are more substantial decisions, tasks, and paperwork to consider.

However, did you know that even a minor choice, such as selecting the appropriate water heater for your business, can bring several advantages? This guide can help business owners understand the importance of water heaters and choose the suitable commercial water heating unit for their enterprise.

Types of Commercial Water Heaters for Filipino Businesses

Choosing a reliable commercial water heater is essential for the efficient functioning of your business. Your choice usually depends on your hot water requirements, available space, and budget. Here are some of the common commercial water heaters types to help you make well-informed decisions:

· Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters can produce instant hot water on-demand. However, they might not be well-suited for enterprises with substantial hot water demands, like large restaurants or hotels. The initial investment for these units can be higher, and their installation may necessitate additional electrical and plumbing work.

· Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters are high-performing, conventional heating units that stores hot water in a water heater tank. The capability to store warm water are suitable for businesses with a steady demand for hot water throughout the day.

However, storage heaters typically have lower energy efficiency since they need to constantly warm the stored water. They might also need more frequent maintenance to avoid problems like sediment accumulation in the tank and pipes. Additionally, storage water heaters usually occupy more space, which could be a factor to consider if your business has limited room.

· Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are eco-friendly alternatives, as they draw ambient heat from the surrounding air to heat water. Despite a potentially higher upfront cost, its capability to use surrounding air to warm the stored water offers optimal efficiency. They are an excellent fit for businesses keen on minimizing their carbon footprint while enjoying long-term energy savings.

Furthermore, heat pump water heaters are suitable in warmer places with equipment like furnaces or other commercial appliances that produce heat or hot air as a byproduct. They demonstrate effectiveness in warm climates since they have a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) value.

· Solar Water Heater System

The solar water heating system acquires free energy from the sun, making it a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your business. They usually work by transferring the energy from the collectors into the stainless steel storage tank without the need for circulators or primary flow and return lines. This is ideal for businesses operating in tropical countries like the Philippines, enabling them to have a highly efficient and reliable heater.

Common Fuel Types for Water Heaters

Another thing you need to consider is the energy source of your commercial water heater. Ideally, you must find a replacement that utilizes the same fuel type as your existing water heater. However, choosing a heater with a different fuel type can bring several advantages compared to the existing heating unit.

· Electricity

Most modern water heaters, particularly tankless or electronic storage water heater, utilize electricity as their primary heat source. They eliminate the need for combustion which makes water heaters safer to operate and more environmentally friendly.

· Natural Gas

Given the high efficiency and accessibility of natural gas, they have become one of the most popular fuel types for water heaters. Gas fuel initiates flames that efficiently and economically heat water.

· Oil

Oil as a heating fuel is similar to gas, as it aids in igniting the flame responsible for heating water. However, it entails the necessity of an oil storage tank. When the supply runs out, you must purchase more oil to replenish the tank. Fuel oil is typically sold in large quantities, making it cumbersome and potentially costly.

Additional Considerations When Buying Commercial Water Heaters

Before investing in a new commercial water heater, assess your current plumbing system and the condition of your existing heater. Address any potential issues within your system before proceeding with the installation of the new water heater.

Additionally, you need to consider the voltage requirements of your commercial water heater. Typically, a water heater designed for an entire building operates within the range of 208 to 240 volts. This higher power level facilitates the rapid heating of substantial water volumes, making it well-suited for businesses with high hot water demands, like hotels and gyms.

For businesses with lower and intermittent hot water needs, such as offices and retail spaces, opting for heaters with lower voltage is advantageous. You can also choose a lower-voltage tankless option, saving energy costs on your utility bill.

Benefits of Commercial Water Heaters to Filipino Businesses

Commercial water heaters are designed specifically for business settings. They can withstand high water demands and deliver exceptional performance, making them an ideal option for different industries. Here are some of the benefits of investing in commercial water heaters in the Philippines:

· Energy Efficient

One of the significant benefits of commercial water heaters is their energy efficiency. Their systems usually incorporate advanced technologies that can optimize energy consumption. As you start using commercial water heaters, you can expect lower energy bills without compromising the hot water supply.

· Consistency

Commercial water heaters produce a consistent hot water supply, especially during peak demand. For instance, if you are running a bustling hotel, a commercial water heater can manage high-volume requirements without disruptions. You can rely on these water heaters, helping you improve customer satisfaction and eliminate inconvenience for your staff and guests.

· Improved Durability

Commercial water heaters are not only reliable but durable enough to function. They are usually made with materials that can withstand the rigorous demands of commercial use. As you upgrade and maintain their components, you can enjoy their benefits for an extended period. The durability of commercial water heaters translates into less downtime and costly repairs, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

· Enhanced Safety Features

Safety should always be your priority when buying water heaters. Fortunately, commercial water heaters have safety mechanisms that protect users from overheating, leaks, and other potential hazards.

However, you need to ensure that your commercial water heaters comply with industry regulations and standards. You can look for credible water heater providers for high-quality and reliable products.


With warm water becoming prevalent in people’s lives in the modern world, investing in commercial water heaters has become paramount. These devices enables numerous businesses to use heated water for various activities without the need to spend a lot on operational and maintenance costs. And by knowing how to pick the perfect commercial heating unit, enterprises can reap several benefits that positively impacts business procedures.  

If you are looking for high-quality commercial water heaters, you should check out Rheem, one of the best water heater brands in the Philippines. With almost 100 years in the water heating industry, we have constantly focused on innovating and creating more advanced, high-quality water heating solutions to suit our customers’ unique needs. 

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