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A Guide to Buying Water Heaters as a Christmas Gift

| Monday October 30, 2023

For a long time, the Christmas season in the Philippines has been a great display of the people’s generosity. Countless individuals go out of their way to purchase different gifts they can give to friends and family members during particular family gatherings or corporate parties. It has been a vital part of Christmas celebrations in the country, with many planning for it even months in advance. 


While many things can be given as a gift, going for practical items that can be used for a long time is a great way to showcase care and appreciation to the recipient. This can help make the receiver’s life much easier, primarily if the gift can be used in the house, like appliances or furniture. 


This includes water heaters, which can provide a property with an on-demand warm water supply. While they are not the first thing that come to mind when thinking about an appliance to give a special someone, a storage or tankless instant water heater can be a long-lasting gift, especially for those needing something that can help provide heated water to improve the quality of their life.


What to Consider When Looking for Heaters as a Gift


Since the prices of the heaters for kitchen and shower applications are considerably higher than other gift options, it is essential to be careful when picking a unit as a gift. Considering several factors before buying a water heater for other people can ensure that the recipient appreciate and enjoy using their new appliances. 


House Demand 


The first thing that must be noted when giving water heaters is the warm water demand in a household. Every family has its specific need for heated water, mainly based on whether the residents use warm water for various purposes or not. For instance, some families might be using hot water for several activities throughout the day, while some only utilize warm water when they are showering. 


Knowing the demand for warm water in a household can help decide the capacity and size of the water heater you should buy. This can help prevent buying water heaters with a capacity that is too large or too small for the recipient’s needs, which can impact the durability and energy efficiency of the heater. A general rule regarding water heaters is that each house resident uses at least 10 liters of warm water per shower. 


Water Heater Type


The next thing that must be considered is the type of water heater you want to give. This can be one of the most challenging choices as this can impact the overall experience for the gift receiver. 


  • Tankless Heaters: Tankless instant water heaters are probably the ideal water heater to give as a gift to anyone. They’re compact, lightweight, and provide instantaneous warm water, making them the best bathroom heaters for many. Tankless heaters can be easily mounted on bathroom walls or kitchen cabinets, allowing the gift recipient to have a water heater that won’t take up a lot of space. 


  • Storage Heaters: Meanwhile, traditional storage heaters offer the opportunity to have a dedicated supply of warm water stored in a tank. This is ideal for households that use warm water for various activities, and different faucets as storage heaters can be connected to different water points. 


Energy Efficiency


In a world where electricity prices continue to rise, energy efficiency has become crucial when buying new water heaters. Most modern heaters have built-in features that make them highly energy efficient, allowing the recipient to achieve long-term savings while promoting sustainable practices.  


For instance, tankless heaters are highly efficient as they only work when water passes through the unit, eliminating the need to constantly work to keep the required water temperature. And for storage heaters, most units are made with insulation features that significantly minimize standby heat loss, to improve the heating cycle and prevent frequent reheating of the stored water.  


Compatibility with Home Infrastructure


It is also vital to ensure that the water heater you purchase for someone is compatible with the existing structure of their house. If you’re planning to give them a tankless heater, ensures that either their bathroom walls or kitchen cabinets have enough space where the unit can be integrated. Meanwhile, a spacious basement or garage should be considered if you’re going to give a storage heater. 


Apart from space, having a clear understanding of where the heater can be placed can help in a seamless connection to various factors, such as the power source and existing plumbing connections. This can simplify the installation process and avoid costly modifications to fit the unit. 




With the holidays fast approaching, buying gifts for family and friends has become a priority for many Filipinos. Investing in water heaters can be an ideal choice for those who’d like to splurge and give their loved ones a practical gift that can be used over time. By knowing the different factors that should be considered when purchasing new heaters, people can ensure their gift recipients have the best warm water experience possible. 


If you are looking for high-quality water heaters to give as a gift this Christmas, you should check out Rheem, one of the best water heater brands in the Philippines. With almost 100 years in the water heating industry, we have constantly focused on innovating and creating more advanced, high-quality water heating solutions to suit our customers’ unique needs. 

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