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6 Key Factors to Consider when Buying Storage Water Heaters

| Wednesday June 8, 2022

It goes without saying that hot water has many uses and provides us with much more convenience in our daily lives. Some of the common uses of hot water are for showering, drinking cooking, cleaning and space heating. Depending on its use, hot water can also help to bring a myriad of benefits in terms of health and benefits to our everyday lives.

For example, taking a hot shower helps to increase blood circulation, relieves muscle tension and works are a natural nasal decongestant for a blocked nose. By drinking hot or warm water, it can help you achieve clearer skin, aid with digestion and decrease overall stress levels.

Thus, with the many benefits and conveniences that hot water provides us, it is no surprise that many households are investing in more advanced, high-quality and reliable water heating solutions. These water heating solutions allow households to enjoy a continuous supply of hot water as and when needed.

An appliance that is used to provide a continuous hot water supply to individuals is a water heater. There are different of types of water heaters available in the market. For example, there are storage water heaters, instant water heaters and solar water heaters. Each of these types of water heaters provide different benefits and cater to the different needs of individuals.

Out of the three types of water heaters mentioned above, the conventional water heating system, also known as storage water heaters, is the most popular and common choice for many individuals.

Storage water heaters provide efficient and reliable water heating solutions across all climates. Even in a tropical country like the Philippines, which is visited by multiple typhoons annually, storage water heaters can deliver warm water even in cases of blackouts. This is because these water heaters are equipped with an insulated tank that stores the warm water until individuals are ready to use it for a shower or a bath. Thus, even when there are instances of electricity shortages, the storage water heaters can provide a reliable source of hot or warm water to those affected. Additionally, storage water heaters have a lower initial cost compared to other types of water heaters in the market, making it a more affordable choice for a water heating solution.

However, despite the many benefits investing in a high-quality, reliable and advanced storage water heater can provide, it’s still important to take note of a various factors when searching for the perfect storage water heater to suit your needs.

Below are 6 key factors to take into consideration before purchasing a storage water heater to cater to your unique needs and requirements:

  1. The Demand for Warm Water

Before buying a storage water heater, property owners should determine the approximate demand for warm water of the people using the house or commercial establishment. An individual usually consumes around 20-30 gallons of hot water daily. Property owners can use this estimation to determine the capacity of the storage tank needed to cater to their needs better.

For example, larger families or houses will need larger storage tanks to properly meet the hot water demands of individuals in the house, whereas for smaller families or houses, a storage tank with a smaller capacity would work perfectly.

In addition to this, it is also essential to know which parts of the house will be connected to the storage water heater tank. Multiple people using the heating system at once at various parts of the house can lead to complications in the unit after a few months. If the water heater is small and multiple residents use it at once, the unit would need to work more than it should to provide the demand. If this constantly happens, various parts of the unit will eventually end up failing at a faster rate than usual.. 

Home water heater- daw213

  1. Quality of the Tank and Heating Element

When comparing different storage water heaters, another essential factor to take into consideration is the quality of the tank and the heating element used in the tank. Having a storage water heater that is equipped with a high-quality tank and heating element is especially vital for areas that experience a high volume of hard water, which contains higher mineral content. Hard water lowers the efficiency of water heaters as it makes the inner tank and heating rod in the water heater wear or corrode quicker. When the inner components are exposed to such high concentrations of minerals, it could result in corrosion and rust in the inner tank, which then requires more frequent replacements and repairs to the unit.

It would be recommended to look for storage water heaters that use high-quality materials and coatings for their tanks and more durable heating elements to help prevent corrosion and rust from occurring.

For example, Rheem’s storage water heater inner tank is lined with an enamel coating that helps to prevent corrosion and ensures a longer tank life for the water heating unit. Additionally, Rheem’s water heaters are equipped with an incoloy heating element which is more resistant to corrosion and rust. Lastly, Rheem’s storage water heaters are equipped with a special self-sacrificing magnesium anode rod that works to prevent corrosion by equalizing the aggressive water in the tank which helps to extend the lifespan of the water heating unit. With these high-quality features and materials in-built and used in the storage water heater, the lifespan of the unit is significantly extended, allowing individuals to enjoy hot showers for many years.

Incoloy heating element 1-dw123

  1. Safety Features

Water heaters are built in compliance with strict safety standards. However, with any electronic household appliance or appliance that experiences heavy usage, there are various safety features that individuals should still look out for when considering which appliance to purchase.

In general, when not installed and maintained properly, there is a possibility of the storage water heater malfunctioning or, in the worst-case scenario, exploding. Additionally, if storage water heaters operate under unsafe conditions with faulty safety features, many complications would arise. In more extreme scenarios, these complications could cause many lives to be endangered.    

Thus, to help prevent this from happening, it is important to not only ensure that the water heater is installed properly and that it is regularly maintained but that it also has safety features that add an additional layer of safety to help reduce the risk of the water heater unit from malfunctioning.  

Most modern and more advanced water heating units available in the market have a built-in pressure or vacuum release valve and thermal protection. Rheem’s storage water heating system, for example, has a temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve that protects the water heater from extreme pressure and temperatures. Individuals can safely operate this valve to allow excessive temperature and pressure inside the storage tank to be released.

While this safety feature helps significantly increase the safety of its users, it is still very important to make sure that the water heating unit is properly installed and that there is regular maintenance done on the water heating unit so that if there are any parts or functions that are not working well, it would be quickly addressed and rectified to reduce any potential risks. As a general rule of thumb, a professional should always be called in to help with the installation and maintenance process for the water heater to minimize any risks or errors from occurring.

Pressure and temperature relief valve -dwaw123

  1. Installation Area

Before purchasing a storage water heater, it would be advised to take note of the possible installation areas within the property. This is because of the size of storage water heaters and the space needed around it for proper installation and maintenance work.

Due to the space needed for storage water heaters, it is important to ensure that there is adequate space on the walls, floors, ceilings or cabinets. By providing the water heating unit with sufficient space, it would also help to ensure that the heating system’s performance is optimized as compared to when the water heating unit is poorly fitted and is installed in a way that is difficult to do maintenance work on.

Rheem’s storage water heaters come in a variety of sizes, capacities and models. This provides individuals with more options to consider when looking for a water heater that suits their water heating needs and space constraints. Even with space limitations in the house or other establishments, Rheem’s smaller and more compact water heating units would be able to provide reliable, durable, and long-lasting water heating solutions.

When installing your water heater, it is also highly recommended to employ a professional instead of doing a DIY job. This is to ensure that the water heater is installed properly and safely so that it can operate optimally.

Water heater maintenance service technician repairing gas water heater-dawd124

  1. Energy Consumption

With the constant increase in electricity prices, there has been a greater importance placed on finding appliances that are more energy efficient to save costs in the long run. To enjoy more energy and cost saving benefits, it would be recommended to consider investing in newer and more advanced models of water heaters that are built to operate more efficiently.

For instance, Rheem’s storage water heating unit operates at 2.7-3.3 kW and 220-240 VAC. This means that purchasing and installing Rheem’s unit will not significantly increase electricity bills in the long run. Rheem’s storage water heaters are also equipped with an incoloy heating element that helps the water in the tank heat up faster and with its high-quality inner tank coating, the heated water can stay warm longer in the storage tank, thus requiring less energy to constantly heat the water in the tank.

Energy Consumption-dwa123


  1. After-Sales and Warranty

Water heaters are generally used daily. Because of its regular usage and constant exposure to high temperatures, it is important to consider the after-sales services and warranty provided for the water heating units before investing in one.

Purchasing a water heater from an established, well-known and reliable brand helps ensure that the product is of better quality, however, on top of just considering the brand, it’s also important to consider the service provided after the water heating unit has been purchased. With after-sales services and warranty for the water heating unit, individuals can get the support required in case of an emergency repair or replacement needed.

Rheem’s warranty guarantees the unit against faulty materials or workmanship for twelve months from the installation date.



When purchasing new appliances for your household, it’s always important to consider different factors to be able to make more informed decisions. Doing adequate research and comparisons on the current products available in the market can help individuals have a better understanding on which products are able to cater to their needs.

Rheem has been in the water heating industry for almost 100 years and is at the forefront of developing high-quality storage water heaters, ensuring reliability and durability for anyone looking for heavy-duty water heating systems. So, if you are looking for high-quality, reliable and durable storage water heaters, why not consider Rheem?

To learn more about our Electric Storage Water Heaters catalog, click here: https://www.rheemphilippines.com/products/electric-storage-tank/

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