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5 Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient

| Thursday May 4, 2023

As inflation continues to rise in the Philippines, countless individuals are searching for ways to save on bills and expenses. Some are looking within their homes for areas they can optimize, such as looking into their electricity and water consumption and ways to lower their gas or other household bills. On the other hand, many cut down their spending on leisure activities, allowing them to use their money for other necessities.

If you want to reduce your daily household expenses or not spend more than you should, a great way to start is by relooking into the appliances and areas incurring the most frequent and highest costs. Understanding where the bulk of your expenses are coming from makes it easier to alter your habits and daily processes to save more and lower unnecessary bills. 

A great way to ensure that your costs are kept at a manageable level is by investing in appliances and technology that are more efficient. While this may sometimes result in a higher upfront cost, the long-term savings that can be enjoyed is well worth it. Consider the following tips to achieve an efficient home:

1.    Inspect Large Appliances

Large appliances consume the most resources. The refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning unit, and other larger electronics typically use more energy (some, even water), and the consumption grows higher when these appliances become damaged or outdated.

When the appliances have impaired function, they perform inefficiently, making the machine work twice as hard and consume twice as much energy. For instance, the AC might take longer to reach its target temperature, or the washing machine needs to be used again to rewash poorly cleaned clothes. Ultimately, this all results in higher resource consumption and operating costs.

It is essential to regularly inspect appliances to ensure that they function optimally and efficiently. Even without clear signs of damage, you should consider its manufacturing date. Since newer models can have improved functions, it might be time for a replacement. Buying new appliances may seem costly, but they are the more efficient long-term option.

2.    Use Automated or Smart Accessories

Many household appliances and gadgets today have automated features. One example is photocontrol lights. These lighting fixtures use photoelectric sensors to activate themselves depending on how much light it detects. This means you no longer have to turn off your outdoor lights first thing in the morning to conserve electricity.

Aside from lighting, cooling can be automated as well. An innovative air conditioning unit lets you set your home’s temperature based on your preferences. The unit can be programmed to turn off when your home reaches a suitable temperature. Automatic air conditioning allows for seamless heat management with fewer risks of accidentally leaving it on.

Smart gadgets help make your home more energy-efficient by automating functions like lighting and heating. This can significantly decrease energy consumption as electronics are easily forgotten and left running longer than intended.

3.    Unplug Your Electronics

You might think that electronics consuming energy when turned off is a myth, but it is true. A phone charger consumes up to 0.26 watts when left unplugged, and a phone left charging beyond 100% uses 2.24 watts. Other household items also consume energy when left plugged in after use. This includes gaming consoles, televisions, monitors, printers, and lamps. 

Homeowners can save a ton of energy by simply making it a habit to unplug unused electronics. Although it might not seem like it, little adjustments like this can greatly impact your electricity bill. In addition, this can also prolong the lifespan of your electronics, allowing you to save money from replacements in the long run. 

4.    Use Window Coverings

You can use window coverings like blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes to calm the heat during hot weather. The sun’s rays can quickly warm up your home, so it is best to limit the sunlight that penetrates your windows. They also serve as insulators that keep cool air inside the house.

Window coverings can be a great way to reduce the effects of hot weather. This way, you would not need to blast the AC or turn on multiple electric fans to alleviate the heat. Additionally, window coverings protect your household items from the sun’s harmful rays. They can help prolong the life of your investments by preventing sun damage. This is most relevant to electronics or any gadget with a digital screen.

5.    Optimize Your Water Heater

A water heater is a household appliance that is commonly overlooked in terms of optimizing efficiency. The type of water heating system used in the property significantly affects its energy consumption. And this often results in some homeowners spending more on their water and electricity bills than they should.

For instance, storage water heaters can be an excellent option for homeowners who require hot water for other bathrooms in the house. However, a storage water heater can be unnecessary and inefficient for those with significantly less hot water consumption and demand. Storage heaters also experience heat loss when the water stored in the tank loses its temperature over time. This makes the machine constantly work to heat the water, leading to higher energy consumption. 

Meanwhile, an instant tankless water heater is now the perfect solution for numerous households, no matter how small or big the demand for warm water is. It allows you to produce hot water on-demand, ensuring that you only use resources for how much you need during each shower. This helps reduce electricity costs as you have more control as compared to storage water heaters where the unit is often kept on ensuring that the water kept in the storage tank remains at a certain temperature.

Here are examples of highly efficient water heaters by Rheem:

·         Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters

The Prestige Range of Electric Instant Water Heaters is a high-quality, reliable, and durable instant water heater collection. With their on-demand water heating technology, these products grant you control over hot water production as and when needed. Integrated with a state-of-the-art Incoloy heating element that provides fast heating, the Prestige series a collection of highly efficient water heaters and long-lasting, cost-effective investments.

There are three tankless models under the Prestige series: the Prestige Instant Water Heater, the Prestige Plus Instant Water Heater, and the Prestige Platinum Instant Water Heater. These innovative heaters are built with high-quality materials to ensure users enjoy the best hot shower experience for many years.


With its whisper-quiet DC pump, users can enjoy quiet showers no matter the time of the day without worrying about disturbing their housemates with loud heating noises. The water heaters also come with a shower spray with different options, allowing users to change their shower experience. Each instant water heater is equipped with intelligent safety technology to ensure that overheating or scalding does not occur, allowing users to indulge in their hot showers with peace of mind. 

In addition, all three models are equipped with a replaceable stainless steel heating chamber, mitigating the chances of corrosion over time. However, if there are any issues with the heating chamber, its replaceable feature allows the water heating unit to be easily fixed. Its outer case also has an IP25 rating, which means it is well-protected against outside elements. Purchasing any of these models would be a worthwhile investment for Filipino households to enhance your everyday shower experience while maximizing efficiency.

·         RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater

The RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is a more classic take on efficient tankless water heaters. It offers on-demand hot water production, quiet operation, and is equipped with safety features such as leak protection, IP25 rating on its outer casing and thermal cutoff. It is also compact-sized, which means you can install it on kitchen cabinets or under the sink.

One of the best features of the RTEC-06 Multipoint Instant Water Heater is its ability to deliver hot water to multiple water points, similar to that of a storage water heater.


Conserving electricity, water, and other resources has become more essential now that prices continue to rise. By implementing these simple practices and making these changes to your everyday habits, you can guarantee that you are spending only what you should and taking the necessary steps for a more efficient home.

If you are looking for the best water heaters in the market, choose Rheem Philippines. We offer numerous efficient water heating units for homeowners looking for money-saving water heating solutions. Find the best tankless water heater or solar-powered heater for your household. View our wide range of offerings at www.rheemphilippines.com.


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