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3 Colours You Should Consider When Repainting Your Bathroom

| Sunday April 26, 2020

You’ve just gotten your keys to your new house, and you’re very eager to get started on turning your new house into a warm and comfy abode. It’s no small task, but certainly an enormous adventure to make your home as comfortable as possible. No effort should be spared for all areas of the home, including the bathroom, and what colour should it be. After all, a personality-packed bathroom is critical to your home’s aesthetic uniformity. The easiest way to do that? A simple coat of paint. Here are 3 paint colours to inspire your next bathroom spruce-up.


  • White

To give a fresh facelift to a room, white is almost always the go-to paint colour. White itself has natural light-reflective qualities that can help to make the space feel bright and clean without being too overpowering. To keep your personalities intact with this subdued colour, feel free to pepper the space with bright-coloured accessories: think yellow, pink, or green. If the tiles in your bathroom are of darker hues, white-washed walls also work great in softening them.

One white shower accessory that you can use with your white bathroom is the Prestige Instant Water with Rheem.


  • Grey             

Not quite ready to commit to a big colour overhaul? Painting the walls in a soft, light grey is a classic and timeless way to add unexpected contrast and class. It goes extremely well with popular industrial elements such as granite and concrete. With enough grey to give the bathroom some depth and adding the occasional cool wink, this colour doesn’t steal the attention away from your current finishes.

To warm things up a little, try throwing in a few dark wood elements such as carpentry or decorative items. Grey-washed walls also allow colourful items that you may have already owned—a patterned shower curtain or bright towels—to pop in subtle but dynamic ways. Don’t hesitate to go really wild with your choice of colours since grey walls help keep things neutral but tie things all together.

One grey shower accessory that you can use with your white bathroom is the Prestige Plus Instant Water with Rheem.


  • Taupe

This gorgeous brown-grey shade is classic, but with a modern twist. There are various shades of taupe to complement whatever creative visions you have in mind. A brown-heavy taupe gives off an earthier look, while a taupe with more grey tones is a tad moodier with a touch of modern flair. For a hint of colour, try a lighter shade of taupe with a purplish tinge.

No matter the variations, taupe doesn’t try too hard and feels like a breath of fresh air to help finish up the look of your home. Taupe neutralizes shades of cool and warmth, and it’s so classy that you won’t have to worry about falling victim to trendy design tropes. So, if visualisation is a challenge for you, shades of taupe leave wiggle room for future enhancements.

One taupe shower accessory that you can use with your white bathroom is the Prestige Platinum Instant Water with Rheem.

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