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5 Advantages of Single-Point Water Heater

| Thursday May 20, 2021
5 advantages if single point water heater

Having a cold shower in the morning sounds pretty daunting. But why should you settle for cold showers when you can enjoy a continuous flow of hot water? Here in the Philippines, when people are shopping for hot water heaters, they would, more likely than not, choose to go with a single point water heater. Why is this so?

Well, there are many advantages of having a single point water heater at home.

5 Advantages of Multipoint Water Heater You Must Know

| Friday May 7, 2021

Picture it: 

It’s a beautiful day, and you are thinking of getting a warm, cozy shower. You went to the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and boom, the water is cold. Isn’t that a dampening shower experience?

Do you know why? It’s because you need a water heater. Here in the Philippines, most household tend to install a single point tankless water heater. But what if you require hot water at several locations at home?

Why Solar Water Heater is So Popular in Manila

| Friday May 7, 2021

As the world becomes more and more aware about the importance of being sustainable and environmentally friendly, manufacturers and businesses alike are creating more and more products and solutions that take into consideration the environmental impacts they bring. In the water heating industry, we are no different. To that end, to do our part for the environment, the water heating industry came up with solar water heaters.

You may be wondering what solar water heaters are?

10 Things You Should Know About Commercial Water Heaters

| Wednesday March 31, 2021
Rheem is a reliable commercial water heater company in Philippines

Most people do not know much about commercial water heaters. After all, most people use hot water on a residential basis. And this is perfectly fine. If you are one of them, you might be clueless about what commercial water heaters are all about. But not to worry, because we have created a post for you. This post highlights 10 interesting facts that you may not know about commercial water heaters. Through this article, you can learn more about how commercial water heaters may differ from residential water heaters,

Should I Shower with Hot or Cold Water After a Workout

| Wednesday August 19, 2020

Picture this: You just ended your 30-minutes workout, and you are feeling inspired, refreshed and almighty. It might feel intuitive to hit the showers to wash away the post-workout grime, and a cold shower on a hot day after a big run or an intensive workout can feel incredibly pleasant. But should you be getting under the cold water, or get yourself under a hot shower instead?

Like flossing your teeth and brushing your hair,

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