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Rheem HDi Series All In One Heat Pump Water Heater

Rheem HDi Series All In One Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Environmentally friendly product that uses surrounding warm air to efficiently heat water
  • “Top-down” heating design to deliver concentrated volume of hot water for immediate use
  • Works day and night without having to rely on sunlight to operate
  • Includes a back-up element to ensure hot water is still readily available even on cold winter nights

    Product Code551310
    Suitable for No. of People (Moderate Climate)3 - 6
    Height (A) (mm)1870
    Width (B) (mm)670
    Depth (C) (mm)679
    Module (kg)48
    Tank (kg)87
    Storage Capacity (L)310
    Power Input (Watts)1300
    Element Sizes (Kw)3.6
    Boost Capacity (L)220
    Water Connections & Settings
    Inlet (RP)RP 3/4
    Outlet (RP)RP 3/4
    Tank Relief Valve Setting (kPa)1000
    ECV Setting (kPa)850
    Maximum Mains Pressure Settings
    With ECV (kPa)680
    Without ECV (kPa)800
    Min. Water Supply Pressure (kPa)200

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