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4 Simple Ways to Conserve Water

| Tuesday August 27, 2019

Do you know that water makes up 70% of the earth that we live in? Water may seem abundant, but sadly, the world’s water supply is being badly damaged, no thanks to climate change. This global phenomenon is altering our weather worldwide, causing droughts and drying up rivers and lakes in some parts of the world. Moreover, whatever little natural water resources that we are left with are heavily polluted for us to use. It’s no wonder that 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to clean and safe water.

5 Proven Health Benefits of Hot Shower

| Tuesday August 20, 2019
5 proven health benefits

Whether it is a cold shower or a hot shower that you’re taking, showers are generally great for us. Cold showers, however chilling they can be, are great at “shocking” us awake in the morning when we’re gearing up for a long day of work ahead. On the other hand, hot showers soothe and relax us when we’re exhausted or tensed. Apart from helping us unwind, do you know that hot showers also provide a plethora of health benefits?

4 Storage Water heater Safety Tips You Should Know

| Wednesday August 7, 2019
Storage Water heater Safety Tips You Should Know

Have you ever heard of the myth that unkempt water heaters can rocket through your roof and up in the air? 

This dangerous myth has been featured and tested by MythBusters to be true (see below).

This is just one of the many examples of how bad things could turn out to be if you don’t regularly check for any signs of defect from your existing storage water heater at home.

Common Storage Water Heater Problems and How to Fix Them

| Thursday August 1, 2019

Storage water heater is probably one of the most taken-for-granted things in our homes.

It ensures that there is always hot water ready when we need it for showering, washing of clothes, or other household chores that require water. However, just like any other appliances, storage water heaters can sometimes fail to function properly. Especially when you leave it at a corner and simply forget about it. But doing so would only cost you more,

Everything You Need to Know About Instant Water Heaters

| Tuesday July 9, 2019

Picture this: You’re home from a long day at work, and all you want is a warm shower to help you unwind. You need it, and you need it now. Pronto. No waiting. 

In such situations, maybe what you need is an instant shower water heater for your bathroom! This tankless water heating device is definitely a must-have for those who cannot afford to spend time waiting for water to heat up,

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