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Evolution of Showering with Hot Water

| Tuesday September 17, 2019

Ever wondered how people showered during ancient times? It’s hard to imagine how they cleaned themselves up during those times. In those days, the seas, rivers, and lakes were their bathtubs, while waterfalls and raindrops were showers for them.

So how exactly did people improved their showers from simply bathing or showering out in the wilderness to exquisite bathrooms with intricate shower heads?

We did a little research on how showering evolved from then and now:

(An ancient Egyptian water jug)

Photo source:


Ancient Egyptians were known to be very particular with their cleanliness.

When is the Best Time to Take a Warm Shower?

| Thursday September 12, 2019

For most of us, we take showers before we brave the day, and we conclude the same long and tiring day with another shower. However, when it comes to warm showers, when exactly is the best time to take one? Is it morning or evening? The answer is both. A warm shower in the morning has several benefits and taking one at night is also good for us too.

The Benefits of Taking Warm Showers in the Morning

According to a review study published in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences,

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Hot Water When Washing The Dishes

| Tuesday September 3, 2019

Most of us do our dishes by simply soaping them up and running them under room temperature water. We think that just because dirt and grime no longer appear on our tableware and cooking utensils, they are 100% squeaky and sparkling clean.

But how wrong are we! Washing our dishes with just soap and tap water is simply not good enough! 

This is because this method removes only visible dirt off your dishes and utensils;

4 Simple Ways to Conserve Water

| Tuesday August 27, 2019

Do you know that water makes up 70% of the earth that we live in? Water may seem abundant, but sadly, the world’s water supply is being badly damaged, no thanks to climate change. This global phenomenon is altering our weather worldwide, causing droughts and drying up rivers and lakes in some parts of the world. Moreover, whatever little natural water resources that we are left with are heavily polluted for us to use. It’s no wonder that 1.1 billion people around the world lack access to clean and safe water.

5 Proven Health Benefits of Hot Shower

| Tuesday August 20, 2019
5 proven health benefits

Whether it is a cold shower or a hot shower that you’re taking, showers are generally great for us. Cold showers, however chilling they can be, are great at “shocking” us awake in the morning when we’re gearing up for a long day of work ahead. On the other hand, hot showers soothe and relax us when we’re exhausted or tensed. Apart from helping us unwind, do you know that hot showers also provide a plethora of health benefits?

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